TV in bathroom?

soonermomMarch 13, 2011

Any ideas on installation and placement of TV in the master bath? My preference would be for it to be hidden. Has anyone used a two-way mirror and if so, do you like it? Any other ideas and suggestions would be appreciate as well as pictures! Thanks so much!!!!

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I didn't want a tv, but remembered seeing this idea when looking for bathroom ideas for my mb remodel. Not totally hidden, but pretty cool, I think.

or disguised as a picture?

here it is on overstock:

Here is a link that might be useful: tv mirror

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Yikes, that is a cool but very expensive mirror. I have seen this done by builders with the TV in a recessed box that juts into a closet, but now that TVs are so thin you probably could just use the 3 1/2" of stud space within an interior wall. Build a small box inside the stud space, paint it flat black, run power and cable, insert small flat TV, hang one-way mirror over it. If the mirror is attached to the wall, be sure to allow for venting in the recess.

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Those mirror-in-televisions are actually totally hidden normally. I don't know if that overstock one is or not, but we purchased one for our master from Frame My and when the tv is off, it completely 100 percent looks like a normal mirror- when the TV is on, it appears as if from nowhere.
The one we purchased also did not cost as much.

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I'm wrinkled enough already that I wouldn't want to sit in the bathtub long enough to watch a tv show...

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LOL, kudzu! Me, too.

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I haven't mounted the tv yet - but it is up high on a wall that I can see if from my vanity or from the tub. I would have preferred to hide it - but the plug & cable are on an outside wall so it can 't be recessed. I thgouht it might be better higher than lower and in the middle of the wall. But, I just hope it doesn't become an eye sore - since you will be able to see if as soon as you look into the bathroom

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That's a really cool idea, I hadn't actually thought about making it hidden. I recently stayed at a hotel in London and they had TVs in the bathrooms. Upon arriving home I decided I was going to undertake my own project. Mine isn't hidden, but it still does the job!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Royal Horseguards Hotel

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Sorry, but everytime I see a TV in a bathroom, all I can think about is "personal man cave". I've never met a woman who wanted this if they've thought it through. Bathrooms are "cones of silence" to women where they want to get away from the TV for a quiet calming experience! Men tend to think of adding the TV as a requisite precursor to some type of Penthouse Forum letter. If you add in beer fridge, and you've already got the toilet and TV then why would any man ever come out of the bathroom! You gotta keep the TV out of the bathroom if you want to lure them out occasionally and grunt at the rest of the family.

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I was in a hotel room in China that has a small TV hidden behind the bathroom mirror. I don't remember it being a 2-way mirror -- I thought they had removed the silver from the mirror in front of the TV. They also removed the silver around the infrared sensor so you could aim the remote control at the mirror.

I think I cut myself shaving a couple of times while watching TV. I'm not big on TVs in bathrooms, or on TV in general. It did look cool!


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I've never met a woman who wanted this if they've thought it through.

You have met one now! It was my idea to have a TV in the bathroom, and I love it! We have a 10 foot run of cabinets with a 2 foot wide slightly raised section in the center between our sinks with the TV on it. I love being able to watch the news as I get ready in the morning. We also have an ironing board set up in our adjacent walk in closet, and we can turn the TV to face us as we iron. My husband does more ironing than I do, so he really appreciates that.

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To each his own. :) But I gotta say that I think a TV in the bath is about like trying to talk on the cell phone while driving. Who needs the distraction? Even the news is so infuriating most days that I find myself muttering angrily and banging pots and pans when I'm trying to catch up and make dinner at the same time. With one in the bath, I might end up with worse than my occasional mismatched shoes or shaving nick when leaving the home!

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A TV in the bathroom over the tub is great for when you just want a relaxing dip in the tub accompanied by a good movie or TV show. It's one of my favorite things to do. DH even calls dibs every once in a while and he watches his Dr. Who series DVDs in there. live_wire_oak--I think there are more women than you realize who like or even insist on the TV in the bathroom for just this reason. It isn't about watching the morning news or anything else--just relaxing and enjoying whats on.

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Mu wife likes to sometimes watch a DVD when she's taking a soak, so I have a small screen with DVD player on a shelf at the end of the tub.

But for basic TV, maybe I'm in the man-minority, but I have zero desire for TV in the bathroom. I like music. I have Sonos everywhere in the house, as well as zones outdoors. Sonos is my favorite thing I've ever done tech-wise.

But TV?

Now I have installed them in several houses. Multi-screens even. Usually for those that think they are professional big wigs and feel they have to constantly be in touch with someone, or something, everywhere they go.

Some of it is very cool technology and has a "wow" factor. But as far as practicality, in my world? Eh, no.

I'm not trying discourage anyone. It's a personal preference.

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TV in the bathroom is so Dynasty, 1980's, Donald Trump. Why not put an intercomm and shortwave radio in there too?

Today there are DVRs, you can record stuff and watch the news on the internet. If you must watch TV all the time, fine, but it seems like the technology of "time shifting" has obsoleted the need for a TV in the bathroom since you won't miss a thing. I'd rather an iPad holder, or something more relevant to the times.

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Wow - strong opinions on a TV in the bathroom. I watch very little TV, but I would like to watch the news when I'm getting ready for work. Doing my hair and makeup takes time, and with a TV, I can multi-task.

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You can always just hang a small flat screen on the wall.

Getting it power and anything but a wireless feed is the work.

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A TV in the bathroom is very nice for watching the news or morning shows while doing your hair and makeup and stuff. But for that, over the tub isn't the best location.

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Well, meet at least more woman who would want one. I've even gone so far as to to drag my tv in the bedroom to the doorway so I could watch it from the tub.

Too many things require wait times now, so when I want to do various treatments, I just end up bored. Apply shampoo, wait two minutes. Apply deep conditioner, wait 10 minutes. Apply protein treatment, wait 20 minutes. Apply mask, wait 10 minutes, etc. In my large garden tub, I used to dye my hair while sitting in it to avoid getting any drips anywhere. But then you have to wait in the tub for 35 minutes. Not to mention when I used to dye my hair with henna. That probably took me 30 minutes just to apply and was super messy.

In the mornings I apply my makeup while sitting on my bed with the news on. Very easy to multi-task - I don't need to be able to see it all the time - just watch when something catches my attention.

We are a TV family though - normally have 2 running from the time we wake up until we go to bed while we are at the house. No DVR though, and not enough data to watch streaming news.

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Debbi Branka

Another woman here who wants one! We have a jacuzzi tub that I love to just soak in late in the evening before bed. That's when the shows are on that I like to watch. If I sit backwards in the tub, I can watch the TV in our bedroom, but I have to put the volume on full blast and I can only have the jets on during a commercial. HAHA! I've seen on the remodel shows where they make them come down out of the ceiling with a remote - very sweet. We haven't remodeled our master bath yet, but I will definitely plan for a TV over the tub when we do.

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I know this is blunt but I personally think putting a tv in the bathroom is the most ridiculous waste of money there is. Then again, we don't have one in our bedroom either.

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Although I don't have a TV in my bathroom, I do live in a location with time warner cable and a IPad They have live streaming of many stations (but oddly not the local CBS ABC NBC) when you are within your home only, on your IPAD. It is included in the cost of the monthly cable bill.

So I can watch A&E or HGTV in the bathroom. Also can stream the web and watch netflix on the IPAD in the bathroom.

This may be an option for those who don't want to mount a TV , or don't have space for one.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I was always happy with just the sound, so the speaker in our bath is slaved off the tv tuner in the master bedroom, so I can listen to the news or music or whatever...but usually I'm too busy doing other things so I don't need to watch.

Tvs are so small these days that you can put them almost anywhere. We hid a tv over our fridge in the kitchen behind a cabinet where the doors slide back into the cabinet. I suppose you can do the same in the bath.

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I am planning on a tv in my master bath remodel. We are big tv watchers and I can't wait for my first bath with a good show to watch!

Looking at this 28 inch Samsung UN28H4500AFXZA LED HDTV: With built-in Wi-Fi.

I am also wanting to add wireless ceiling speakers for music. Anyone have speakers in their bathroom and what should I be thinking about for a bathroom.

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How will the sound get to your wireless speakers? I don't think this TV has Bluetooth. Can you do that over WiFi?

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What I have found so far for radio and Ipod/ipohne KB sound Iselect but doesn't look like it is available in the US?? Anyone know about something similar to this system?

This post was edited by rtwilliams on Wed, Nov 12, 14 at 16:01

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Well, I'd seriously consider getting a TV that does have Bluetooth capability, and check out the new line of Bose Bluetooth speakers (there are other brands too, but I happened to hear music through the Bose recently).

KB Sound does have a distributor in Jacksonville, FL, so you might contact them to ask if what you plan will work. (I still think for it to be wireless, you have a have a TV that is capable of "connecting" to the speakers wirelessly, and I don't know that the KB system does that other than via Bluetooth, but again the particular TV you mentioned is not Bluetooth-capable)

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sjhockey - Good to know that they are available in the US! We only want the in-ceiling speakers for music. The speaker on the tv is all I would need for tv watching. I did think it might be able to be heard from the wireless speakers. I am not very tech savvy luckily my DH is!

Love Bose speakers and will be looking into those as well. We have a in-home/ceiling stereo system in the rest of the house that includes outdoor speakers. We may just hook the new speakers to that when we do the remodel or buy another stereo receiver and place it in the bedroom and add speakers to the bedroom as well. I love having music going loud when I get to cleaning the whole house. I usually just listen to a radio station.

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I am also thinking about putting in a TV where I can see it while soaking in the tub. Fortunately, I will have a barn door on the wall where it will be mounted and the door (when open) will cover the TV. I figure we will have to recess the TV a bit but that shouldn't be too costly.

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