Is Sharp the only maker of a countertop steam/micro combo?

andi_kMarch 19, 2012

I currently have my micro planned for a shelf in the upper cabinets. And, I do prefer that bc we are a family of giants and use the micro a lot. But, I just started considering the idea of a possible micro/steam combo bc I love to steam.

Is Sharp the only one who makes this? Just trying to see if there's anyone that makes one that isn't as deep since it will be on an upper cabinet shelf. I've search tons, and the same Sharp ones keep popping up. Anyone know of others?

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I've never heard of any others. I'd guess that if you find one with another name on it, it's still made by Sharp. There are only a few actual makers of microwaves in the whole world. It's possible that one they made for another brand would have different dimensions, but unlikely, and there has to be room for all the works. Most microwaves won't sit on an upper cabinet shelf. People have deeper shelves built for them.

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Thanks plllog! I currently have planned the ge spacemaker that will work fine...but i love that steam function! :)

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Andi--we have a three-year-old Sharp steam/microwave combo oven. The microwave part of it is very underpowered (I think it's 600 or 700 watts). Things take noticeably longer to heat up than with our old 1200 w microwave. I don't know if the newer version has more power, but I just wanted to highlight this issue for you to consider when you're making your decision.

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Thanks vickimp - that was actually one of my concerns. There are currently 2 versions - 1 has 700W micro, which I am passing on! The other version (ax-1100) has 900w. We currently have 1000w, so I'm hoping this won't be too much of a difference.

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