Buying 36" miele induction cooktop from outlet

berryjamMarch 18, 2014

I live in Canada and miele Canada has an unboxed outlet where they sell thieir appliances at a discount. Whether its from old showrooms, scratch and dents etc.... They have a 36" induction cooktop for $2860. Normally in Canada it's $4000. However, it only comes with a one year warenty and we aren't starting renos until the summer and won't be installed until August at best. I cannot buy an extended warranty for it. Do you think this is worth getting or is the extended warranty really important and I should buy new?

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We've seen very few failures of induction cooktops of any manufacturer, including Miele.

I've had my Elux Icon about 5 years now and nary a problem.

I would google the model number of the Miele + reviews, see if the "Rest of the World" is having the same luck with induction cooktops as we do, (Here in Garden Web).


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your reassurance with the induction cooktop. I've notice you take a lot of time helping people here. Just wondering if you can have a top drawer under your Elux icon cooktop. I like the miele because of this feature.


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This harkens back to the old days at GardenWeb when folks had to self import gray market induction hobs from price war engulfed England, France, NZ, and Oz, with no real warranties at all to get a choice of something decent carrying less than the US domestic sellers versions of the same very few US approved items on offer at very high prices.
Those days are gone now and you should work backwards in your quest here starting with a good long term warranty, good service, and reasonable price as your first priorities.

Induction is taking a much longer time to reach the NA mass market because of the poor economic conditions but it will dominate eventually as the superior electrical cooking system.
The link covers a lot and Gary is a good guide.

If you want something really unique at a great price and have contacts in Europe or perhaps you are planning a vacation there in the not too distant future, you could become a "new pioneer". Just remember: no warranty.

Hint: some Miele cooktops have a zillion tiny special screws underneath holding things together. They are very difficult for a service tech to extract and replace without marring some of them and the surrounding area while repairing something inside.

Here is a link that might be useful: induction site - lots of info & background

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"Just wondering if you can have a top drawer under your Elux icon cooktop. I like the miele because of this feature."

From what I recall from about 5 years ago, when I was researching Induction cooktops, Elux did have a "fairly large", (6 inches as I recall), space requirement below the cooktop.

This was never a problem for us, as there is a cabinet below the cooktop and a large lazy susan in the cabinet.

The model of cook top that I have, has been discontinued by Elux, so the best thing to do, is download the installation as well as the operators manual for any cooktop you are considering~~~~~~or for that matter any appliance you are considering. Most of the time You can find these manuals on the AJMadison web-site.


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