Any Info on Elmira Stoveworks Appliances?

becohen15March 24, 2012

Hello - I will be renovating my kitchen soon and I really like the look of the appliances from Elmira Stoveworks. (They are new appliances made to look vintage). But, I can't find any information on how they perform or hold up over time. If you have any experience with Elmira Stoveworks or know somebody who does and you can share some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Astronomically overpriced for what you actually get. And not really that great looking to boot. Sorta like one of those toddler beauty pagents where the 3 year olds are wearing lipstick and rhinestones. It's a wierd bad joke imitation of a media concept of a woman---or in this case, an antique range.

You'd be best served by putting that amount of money into an actual refurbished antique stove if you want a vintage look. Or just get the vintage look from the other components in the design and not the appliances.

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Hahaha That is quite an analogy. Thanks for the response. I will look into refurbished stoves.
Do you have any experience with / knowledge of what other pieces of the kitchen can lend a vintage look? I am just starting my research / planning.

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