Steam Shower - Mr. Steam?

txcarrieMarch 29, 2012

Anyone have experience with the Mr. Steam steam shower system - or any other brand? We are starting a master bathroom remodel and would like to install a custom steam shower - not a pre-fab unit. Thanks for any input!!

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We have a Steamist system, installed about 5 years ago, which my husband uses regularly. He loves it and has had no problems with it.

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We are happy with ours. The size of our shower was on the borderline of two models, so we ended up going for the more powerful model. We've had no problems.

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WE have Thermasol. Went with them few years back. Easiest system to install and best warranty. Controls look great.

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steam cabins are fantastic my sister has one and i love using it when i visit. There is also a television and music player i love it!

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We have purchased a thermasol - but the remodel is not done yet. i'm told they are the best though.

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I have a 7yr old 8.5kw Mr. Steam that i got from Allan at Allan was very helpful, not pushy, and the price was good. I did not get the autoflush, and I do not flush it as often as I should (ie, open up the tap behind and let the water out so it doesn't calcify). Despite this, the unit has worked flawlessly, and is perfect for my space. I would not hesitate to purchase again.

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@phylhl: Congrats on the remodel and on the steam shower. Having a nice steam shower had really made me feel much more relaxed and brighter.

Of the few steam shower companies out there, Thermosol is definitely my favorite. I installed a pro-series on my own two years ago and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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