construction site surveillance cameras?

SilverSpurTrustFebruary 4, 2012

Has anyone here ever used any surveillance cameras to keep an eye out on their home construction site?

If so, any suggestions on a good weather-proof system?

I'd really like to have one with an 2 way intercom feature (that would reach out of state...maybe viewed via web) so I could keep an eye out when not there and give verbal directions/suggestions to those on site if needed. I'm sure the subs would hate it, but figured it might give me a little peace of mind at least.



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not for nothing, but if I were a home builder and this was told to me I would run away not walk from doing the job. Not that I was going to do anything incorrect or shortcut anything but to have a homeowner watch me all day and have the ability to comment on e everything going on would not be worth the job.

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Check this link. Might meet your needs. Had a friend use one for his house building project and he liked it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Remote Camera

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Aww, millworkman....don't run away mad... j/k
Nah, I totally understand what you're saying. I'm sure I wouldn't like a camera pointed at me at work either.
I didn't mean we'd have hidden cameras in teddy bears all over the house or anything like that. Just a couple of outdoor cameras to keep watch over the site as a whole. Since WE are the builder & owner, we just want to try and make the site is as secure as possible. The 2 way intercom thing was kind of a joke, but it might actually come in handy if anyone had any questions for us when we weren't there and wanted to actually SHOW us what they were talking about (or they could just call us like normal). ;)

Thanks DCRanger. I'll check it out. :)

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YES!! They do exist, and they are not extremely expensive. You can find out more about the best construction cameras on the market @ They have the best Solar Powered Cellular Construction Camera on the market!!

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We did a time-lapse movie of our build, it was kind of fun. No remote access though. None of the construction guys seemed to have a problem with it.

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Definitely spring for one that can upload to the web and record remotely. We had a simple hunting camera to take stills over time and provide a little security... well, when our container was broken into, our camera was stolen too. So get one that uploads so you can catch anyone doing you wrong.

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