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SarinaFebruary 20, 2013

Ok I could not get a link to work for some reason. But if you go to browser internet explorer and type in holiday builders hammock bay portsmouth.. Then scroll down to tour factory then on right hand side bar click monaco house but wait not done yet , then go down the right hand side and click the picture of one that says David Bonsman 5 views and it should come up with house that says hammock bay portsmouth model and they are going to walk through the home. If someone could give me some feedback on the kitchen I sure would like that . Thanks

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What specifically do you want feedback on? Layout? Materials? I'm assuming this is the house you mean.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Builders at Hammock Bay (Portsmouth)

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Thank you for getting that link and yes that is the house i mean. The layout mostly the size of the great room and kitchen seem small to me for a 2752 house. The great room measures 16-11 by 19-9 . Has option for fireplace but it takes up to much room in the room I think since not on external wall. They have option for corner fireplace if you do a one bath with three bedrooms on the hall off foyer . That would be bad for resale as . So the other plan the one shown is jack and jill between two rooms and a guest room and full bath on other side off great room. Materials will change as they are doing it in a more upscale subdivision and doing tray ceiling in both dining and master. Thanks for any input.

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I see nobody looked :(

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Sorry, not going to spend 12 mins looking at a builder video. Can you get the floor plan? The builder/developers usually have the floor plan in their sales/marketing materials.

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You do not have to watch the whole thing just feedback on kitchen . You can speed through it and just watch that part . I though have decided for the size of the house I do think the kitchen will not work for me the way its set up. Shame as I like the rest of the house:(

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