Cleaning car mats made of carpet backed with plastic

linnea56January 8, 2009

We ordered removable carpet mats for our new car. We got clear matting to put over that, but it was too lightweight and did not stay in place. In no time DD got the carpet mats very muddy. I bought new heavier clear vinyl mats that will not shift around (I hope), but need to clean the carpeting ones. I took them out assuming I could machine wash them like I did the ones in our old car, only to find they have a rigid plastic backing.

What do you use to clean something like that? ItÂs not in the car care manual because they are not standard equipment, but an add-on.

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I've cleaned mine with the spray foam upholstery cleaner that comes in a can. Also I've used my bissle green mean machine with carpet shampoo.

Since we've moved to a milder climate I haven't had the problem your talking about. Just vacumn and spot clean them now. When we lived in Michigan I started removing them in the winter and using the heavier clear vinyl mats during the winter months.

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I live in the Northeast, with harsh winters. I can't wash my car mats easily in winter. I remove them and shake them out about once a month. I go to a professional carwash rarely (like once or twice a year) where they thoroughly vacuum.

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In the winter, I soak them in the bathtub in hot water and detergent and oxyclean, then scrub with a brush and spray rinse them. Then I prop them up on the sides of the tub so that the water drains off them and they slowly dry.

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I always threw them in my TL, cloth side out, with some old towels and rags. I really works well, then lay them in the sun to dry.

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I always laid them on the driveway, dampened them a bit with the hose, sprinkled on some laundry detergent (or dripped, if you prefer liquid), then scrubbed all over with a stiff brush, finally rinsing thoroughly with a power washer.

I've used this method for 20+ years and it works very, very, very well. After drying they look new (excepting the wear spots from my heels).

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