Glass fridge door?

orchidslayerMarch 12, 2014

I am seriously considering the SubZero 48 Pro fridge. The glass door really catches my eye. I do keep a pretty neat fridge, but sometimes it gets a little wild, especially when we have company.

Has anyone bought a glass doored fridge and regretted it? I hate to pay that much for a fridge and then pay more to replace the glass door with a solid one, but I also keep getting drawn to the glass. I do like things neat, but am not fanatical about it.


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Isn't that like a $20k fridge? How much is a replacement door?

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It costs a lot, but closer to $15k. I know the door can be replaced, but have not gotten a quote on that as I doubt if I would pay any more. My dealer, and other dealers I have visited, said that they almost alway sell the solid door version. I would love to hear from people who have had any model of glass-door fridges to see if they regret their choice.

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I have a glass door all fridge. It's a commercial unit and I love it. It was specifically chosen as a design element in my kitchen. It forces me (a good thing) to keep my fridge clean AND organized. I can see at a glance exactly what I have on hand from anywhere in the room. It has a fluorescent light that runs the full length of the door that I leave on 24 hrs/day and makes a great nightlight.

I use OXO turntables on a few shelves to hold items that normally would be stored in the door. I know it wouldn't be aesthetically pleasing to everyone but it suits my style (MCM) perfectly.

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Thanks. I am concerned about the "door stuff' and considered the (overpriced) clear bins that Container Store, etc. sell for the fridge and freezer. I figure a couple of those would keep some of the smaller stuff from getting forgotten and make finding the ketchup and mustard easier. I already use a matching set of Rubbermaid storage containers rather than old Cool Whip containers (mainly because I don't buy Cool Whip :-) ), so it would't look too mish-mashed. I also don't care so much about whether it is mish-mashed or impressing my guests. I would be giving up the existing through-the-door ice and water that my current fridge provides, which is a big negative for my husband, but I am really fixated on this fridge. I keep looking at other models, but keep coming back to this.

This one only has glass on the top fridge section and also has two fridge drawers, one specifically made for produce. I suppose if I was trying to impress, I would want all my pretty vegetables showing, rather than the 12-packs of Tab that will actually be filling a shelf.

I am glad you like your glass-doored fridge and appreciate your taking the time to comment. It really helps me to hear from someone who has one.

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$15k for a fridge? that's indecent. seriously, anyone who can afford (and is willing to purchase) such pricey goods should consider donating some of their wealth to the point where buying such an item is a bit of hardship.

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There is nothing indecent about buying a Pro 48.

Anyone imploring someone else to give away their money should instead spend the time EARNING more money THEMSELVES and give that away to charity.


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"Anyone imploring someone else to give away their money should instead spend the time EARNING more money THEMSELVES and give that away to charity."

Excellent comeback. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Well, if it makes you feel better, the price is a bit of a hardship, in part because of the amount we donate to charities and the fact that I left paid employment a few years ago to work gratis for several non-profits. I don't feel any need to justify my purchase to anyone, except occasionally to my husband as our accounts are joint.

We all have "splurges" (nice cars, $4 coffees, or big TVs) that others may not chose to make. Me, I don't have any of those, but I will be buying a nice fridge since I have been saving for a long time.

Let's get back on topic.

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Why not get the glass door one and if you feel uncomfortable at some point then get the stainless version and hide it in the butlers pantry for actual use.

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Where do you live that they still sell Tab :-)?

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A better question is why I would live anywhere they didn't ;-).

Actually, I can find it in most of the continental US. I pretend (to myself) that I am at the cutting edge of cool and it will be back soon. The reality is that it never went out of style for me.

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I was watching Martha one day and she had one and I remember thinking how cool it was. I would love it (but can't afford, so non-issue). I am OCD enough (think Jeff from Flipping Out TV show with all his water bottle labels facing forward - yeah, that's me!). I have an old Kenmore that came with this house that I hate. I would be happy with a french door/bottom freezer - or just about anything than this crappy Kenmore.

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i strongly considered the SZ Pro48 when it came out. It was only 10G at the time and the spread of pricing was not as much on 48 inch frigs. . I did not buy it for the following reasons. There is increased depth and things getting lost in the back as mentioned. My current frig is deep enough to hold 9x13 pans long side front to back. I have some I use as drawers for organization even in the one I have that is not as deep.

The real deal killer though was the design of the ice maker. I don't know if it is the same still but it was in the bottom drawer, so almost on the floor. the worst thing was that it had a storage drawer above it that had holes in the bottom that allowed crud to fall on the ice. I don't know if they changed this or not.

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For those of you on a budget , or people that are scared dave's morality police will come knock on your door -

there is another choice: SZ makes a 36" wide version.

Me, I'll spend it on the the big daddy so there will be nothing left for dave's crowd to come and take from me !

Dave - you'll probably be happier at some other forum, this one is likely to give you a coronary because almost nothing discussed around here has anything to do with NEED.

Here is a link that might be useful: 36

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I don't have a problem with people buying things they don't NEED. What I have a problem with is people with a major case of entitlement and selfishness. Now lets move on--I said my piece and we don't need to go on ad infinitum.

Also, don't tell me which forums I'd be happier in.

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scuuuuuuuuuuuse us . Guess some people aren't allowed to say their piece ?

Where did you get that Slayer, or anyone else prior to your post had a sense of entitlement? You brought that to the party.

For the record - I wasn't telling you anything. I was merely making a friendly suggestion based on your comments and my wealth of experience and time around here.

I noticed you were very appreciative of Gary's help with your micro problem, but did you know he owns an expensive built in fridge and a 4 figure dishwasher ? Would it really have made a difference ?

I mean, where does he get off owning such expensive gear -or- helping out someone that is taking money out of a blue collar appliance technicians pocket ? Sheeeze.

Perhaps Slayer will help you one day with your flowers, or toilet, or retirement account - will that make him seem less entitled and make that $15k easier to stomach ?

No need a reply. I just wanted to say MY piece - I know you want to move on.

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If you mean "This Gary", I own a great fridge, a Jenn-air
48" built in, paneled, SXS, but it was not expensive, $4588 in 2006!

Yep I do have an expensive Miele DW, about $1300 back in 2006 as I recall, but I bought it because of the top cutlery tray, (only Miele had that in 2006).

Now did I "need" that JA Fridge, or the Miele DW with the cutlery tray, No, but we have enjoyed them both for over 7 years now.

Actually, for the most part, I spend my money, ("Recklessly"), on my 2 convertible classic cars, either of which would buy quite an "Extravagant" Kitchen!


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Gary - you really should get rid of those cars and donate the $$$ to Habitat or something. I mean , where do you come off needing two convertibles that I'm sure are big polluters too ?

To ease your hardship I'll send you one of these:

Has a luggage rack , storage and even a beverage holder. It's also zero emissions - unless there is operator , ummmmm error.

Here is a link that might be useful: hardship transportation

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Oh - forgot to add that it has white wall tires too !

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I accidentally knocked a tin of Beluga caviar off the shelf in my new SZ Pro48 and it fell onto a nice bottle of Cristal which in turn fell over and put a hairline crack in the glass door of my new fridge. I am guessing that ain't gonna be cheap to fix... Something to consider when purchasing I guess?? ;-D

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naaaaaaaaaaa, have your house manager take care of it.

just like you won't worry about the clean up or contemplate whether it's even easy to clean when buying it.

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Jennifer N.

We're going with Traulsen units (with remote compressors/condensers) and I can't wait!!! The plan is to use Cambro containers and such for organization.

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