What is the slide bar in a shower for?

hosenemesisMarch 11, 2012

So many questions-

Is the slide bar that comes with some shower heads just for looks or does it serve a purpose? I imagine it functions to raise or lower the height of the shower head, but I have never used one. Is it a useful feature in addition to being beautiful?


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We have one in each bathroom. Yes it slides shower head up and down. One of them has a soap dish attached that can also move. Really like them.

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It's very useful for us. Husband is 6'4" I am 5'4". Finally we can both have the shower head at just the right height.

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I can see how useful that would be, gin-gin. Thank you all for your responses.

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In addition to the different height adustments, mine also has a permanent holder at the bottom of the slide bar where you can attach the shower head and put it on massage/pulse setting and have a lower back massage. Yum.

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