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KBHRMarch 24, 2014

Hello! I live in NY and would like to purchase our kitchen appliances online to help offset the high NY sales tax. Thermador is running a great special and I'm thinking now might be the time to pull the trigger. Does anyone have any experiences to share about buying appliances online? I've look at Mrs. G and Gerhard�. Would love to hear feedback!


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If your reason for buying appliances out of state is to avoid the taxes that pay for services rendered in your state of residence, I wonder if you have considered that the out of state company you patronize will pay a portion of your dollars toward providing services that will be of no benefit to you, your family or neighbors. The right thing to do is to pay the taxes based on the state in which you live. Supporting local businesses that contribute to the economy of your community is something you should be proud of, as opposed to paying for services in another state that has its own method of assessing taxes to fund its own needs.

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I found that buying at a local independent appliance store and working with a salesman face to face, was the best way to buy my appliances. Not only did he give me better prices then I could find on line, he also helped me deal with a manufacture when I had a problem. He also knows me by name when I need to call him. That's good, right? Help your community and buy local. We don't want to lose the small stores. I will get off my soapbox now.

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I was looking at some items at a local store the other day. I think I shocked the salesman when I said I look initially online so I can compare different items, but get prices locally when I'm ready to buy.
The local stores prices on outdoor BBQ stuff was way lower than ajmadison for example. The price difference more than made up for what tax would be.

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I also shopped online but ended up getting a better price overall from Pacific Sales locally. Also, the online dealers that were far away couldn't sell me the Thermador fridge I wanted (and got) - geographical restrictions imposed by the manufacturer.

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