Fisher Paykel dishwasher -- softener or not?

attofaradMarch 28, 2013

The FP's are on sale, so maybe time to buy. Need one within 2 months anyway (finishing remodel).

My water is in the range of 6 or 7 grains -- a bit hard, but not so high. I never really noticed any water hardness problems with the previous GE, which got 22 years of trouble free use.

Anyone have the FP model with the water softener? Any advice on that feature in general? Are there any downsides to having the water softener model? The price difference is under $100.

Also, any FP owners care to recommend detergent type/brand?


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We have a whole-house softener and I would not dream of life without it. If you don't have any softening, getting a dishwasher with that capability would be a no-brainer.

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Another whole house water softener here. Have had my F&P DDs in this house for 8 years --- had a set in my last house for the 3 years I lived there.

When you have whole-house water softener, you don't need to do anything special. Be sure to follow the directions on detergent and amount of detergent to use. In my models, I use Cascade powder (always use powder) and I carefully measure a scant teaspoon into each cup.

The directions will tell you what kind of detergent and how much, so rely on them.

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I have a whole house water softener too. Love my dds.

I use 2 tsp and 1 tsp of powdered dw detergent with enzymes. Usually a store brand.

I keep my soap in a sugar dispenser which makes it easy to pour into the soap holders of the dw.

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Putting in the whole house softener (with r/o drinking water faucet) was one of our better decisions so I can't comment on the softener.
But we do love the convenience, loading and cleaning ability of our DDs.
They use a minuscule amount of detergent. I've been using cascade.

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Well, for up to 6 grains hardness, the FP user manual says to set the softener on setting "0", which I am guessing means "off". I don't think that the FP senses that actual hardness (like maybe some Miele models do) and adjusts, you just set it on 0 to 5 and it varies the amount of softening. Its only with hardness above 14.6 grains/gallon that they "require" softening (external or internal).

So, there's a good chance that I will find "0" to be my best setting anyway. There is also a good chance that my wife will accidentally put rinse aid in the salt reservoir, which will kill the softener...

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