Second Floor Layout Critique PLEASE

bachincFebruary 17, 2013

We are about to finalize our floor plans and submit them to the township for approval. Before we do so, we would like to get any other opinions on the floor plans we have. We are afraid we might have missed something or don't have the right perspective. I will be happy to answer any questions if there anything is unclear. I also just posted our first floor plans as well. Thanlks so much!

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Annie Deighnaugh

How will you get any long pieces of furniture through that rabbit warren? Do you have a king mattress or a triple dresser?

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Don't swing a bedroom door into a corridor or a bathroom door into a bedroom; somebody is going to get hurt and it might be you.

Who uses the lonely bathroom in the main zig-zag hall? Why wouldn't it get switched with the laundry?

Is the 2 story space have no overlook or other redeeming features?

Why no windows on one side of the house?

I've never seen such twisted plan.

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Sophie Wheeler

You are no where near submitting plans. Straighten things out. And for goodness sake, label things and put some dimensions in!

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No, and no. You need a fresh sheet of paper.
Your first expenditure needs to be a qualified designer. That will be the best money you can spend. You may be able to avoid many of the missteps evidenced in these floorplans.

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The bedroom without an attached bath is going to make it's occupants walk all the way around to the landing of the stairs to get to the bathroom. AWKWARD!

This plan needs a lot of work.

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