stainless steel cleaner..found!

tatelandJanuary 8, 2013

I hate to get too excited, but I just bought and used Magic brand stainless steel cleaner! OMG I think this is it! used it on my Bosch dishwasher that I could never get streak free. I bought it at Home Depot The bottle is red at the top and says Magic and then stainless steel cleaner streak-free shine prevents fingerprints underneath the label $4 or so...hope it works for you guys too!

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yeah it works... i tried it earlier...

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On the way to Home Depot NOW to get some! Thanks for posting - the streaks are driving me nuts.

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Another good product that has been around for years is CAMEO alumminum and stainless cleaner. Company: Church and Dwight. I've been using is for 35 years or more. Is is good for polishing your glass Corning bake ware also. I've always found it in grocery stores. Some stores don't carry it. I guess they can't carry everything.
I just treated myself to a new set of cookware after 40 years. They were worn but shiny as when I bought them. We live in an area where we have very hard water and have to fight the water stains. Also, I never put my cookware in the dishwasher. That would be a turn off for many, but your handles and pots last a lot longer.

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Just want to add my two cents - the Magic cleaners are the best - either Kitchen Magic or the Magic Stainless steel - my sub zero came with them - but when I ran out of "the pink spray can" (no longer pink, but the same brand) and went back to get it they were now using Signature, which is TERRIBLE. But I found the Magic products at Ace Hardware and am happy once more. Don't know why sub-zero switched.

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I had to laugh when I read this as I had just finished cleaning my black ceramic cooktop with a new bottle of Magic Cooktop Cleaner. Wow, what a difference from those other cleaners. So if the stainless cleaner by Magic is as good as the cooktop cleaner, I getting that as well. Hooray for Magic.
Thanks for your post!

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I have just tried several different cleaning methods to remove fingerprints off of my range hood. The hood has a chase the goes up to a 12' ceiling with light hitting it from all directions. Everytime I thought I removed the fingerprints that were there from the installation, I would see them again when the light hit it from a different angle. I tried Zep Commercial, Rockit oil and Ceramibrite. I buffed all of them per the instructions but under some light the fingerprints were still there. I tried plain water. I tried Windex which left tons of streaks. White Vinegar worked very well but the winner was Isopropyl Alcohol. It removed all the oil cleaners and took care of the fingerprints. I decided to leave it without any polish. My thinking is that the polish leaves a slight oil film which will attract dust. I would like for someone else to try this and see what they think. At the very least it is a good prep if you want to apply polish without having the underlying streaks or fingerprints. I don't have my other appliances yet. I may try polish on those since they are easier to clean than the hood and chase.

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I received an email from you asking about an ORB cleaner I recommend using. Your GW account is set up so that I couldn't reply to the email... so I searched for your name.

I only clean mine with a wet sponge after I clean the sink, so there is probably some BarKeepers Friend in the sponge, but I don't go out of my way to be sure. I also use a wet toothbrush around the areas where the faucet meets the counter. I don't put anything on it.

We have hard water, so sometimes there is hard water deposits and/or toothpaste on the piece at the end of faucet. I usually get that off with my fingernail.

Hope this helps.

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That's really nice. Thanks for sharing, it really works. I think it's the best idea. Stainless steel spots are big problem now a days, you share the best idea to get it off

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