First Floor Layour Critique PLEASE before finalization

bachincFebruary 17, 2013

These are our first floor plans for our home that we are about to finalize, but we would love any suggestions or opinions of others before we go ahead and submit them to the township.
I am also going to post our second floor plans (I'm not sure how to post more than one picture in a posting)
If there is anything that is unclear, please feel free to ask. Thanks so much!!!

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Room labels and/or furniture would help us understand how you plan to use the spaces.

What will be in the open space in the kitchen or in the space next to the kitchen?

Squeezing the garage into a corner of the house has created the longest corridor with the most turns I have ever seen in a modern house. Is hiding the garage worth cutting up the house plan?

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Sorry, but I find it awkward.

When people come in your front door, their first view will be of the closet.

Your kitchen is big enough to be an eat-in kitchen, but with all the doors, there's no place to put a table, so it's just wasted space.

Do you plan to have a television? Where will you put it?

What is the purpose of the 3/4 bath off the deck? Are you planning to have a pool? I agree with Renovator8 about the hallway.

I think you need to keep working on this.

I do like all the windows in the great room.

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Agree with Renovator8 & zone4newby's comments above. Room dimensions are also a must --including clearances for hallways and between counters in the kitchen area also very helpful. I think you still have a ways to go, but its a great start!

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It is an amateur mistake to put the garage inside the shell of the house and force the other spaces to wrap around it.

It takes years of design experience to understand how to prioritize the design issues in a building. For a house it is not the garage unless you are on a narrow urban lot.

Cars are ancillary to our lives not the focus. Pull the garage away from the house and let the living spaces and your desired lifestyle dictate the design form. Frankly any house design from the internet would be an improvement.

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Here is what you said earlier:
"We are paying this draftsman because he is MUCH less expensive than an artichitect, but we aren't getting the results and advice we were hoping for. We feel like we are telling him what to do instead of vice versa. we will look into a home design firm in our area to see if they can help."

"Just a quick update, but after thinking about all the comments, we have scheduled an appointment with an architect this week. This is way too much money to be spending on a house and to risk making mistakes. We've realized the money spent an architect is worth it to get the house we want. Thanks for helping us come to that realization."

So why didn't the design get any better and why are the drawings so poorly drawn?

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