Should jade be glossy? or not?

Lia_SCDecember 30, 2002

I tried some polyclay faux jade and I wonder if it should have a gloss finish or maybe just a buffed sheen? Apparently I didn't use enough translucent clay, but I still like the green color. I don't have any real jade and from the book I have I can't tell what kind of gloss it should have. Any advice?

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Hi -- I have real jade beads and they are shiny, but I've also seen less shiny - but not dull - maybe what you'd call satin finish. HTH -- Michele

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Hi: The jade I have is not really shiney. It has a wonderful glow, but not a ceramic type shine.

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Thanks, guys! That will help.
I made some more faux jade today with a better ratio of translucent to green. I'm into making cabochons lately. If that's what I do with the jade, I can get a pretty good luster by rubbing it with my fingers before baking and then buffing afterwards. But if I make a molded object (to look carved) I can't shine it up that way. I may try putting one coat of Future floor wax.
I'll say it again: I do like the "low-luster" look of unvarnished poly clay.

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My jade jewelry is very shiny. But if you want the look of an older piece I would just go with a good buffing with brown paper bag or denim to get a soft sheen. That's what we did in a class making faux amber & ivory.

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