Wolf counter steamer

Kathy HarringtonMarch 14, 2013

I am in the process of looking for appliances for a new house build in 2014. Obviously, this is early, but I'm having fun looking at all the things that go into the build and hopefully by the time, we have to make a decision, it will be easy.
That said, I went to a sub zero/Wolf showroom today to look around and got a full tour that made me think this may be the route to go. One item in particular caught my eye and I want to know if anyone has one. It is the Wolf Countertop Steamer. Supposedly, it's great to use for rice,pasta or even a slow cooker. It doesn't have to be plumbed, but if you put it near a sink, it can drain directly from the steamer into the drain. I loved the idea, but do I need it? No Do I want it, maybe:) So, anyone out there with comments, I would love to hear them

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how many nites a week do you currently make rice, steam veggies or meats, or reheat pasta ?

how much do you value "wow" factor or having something the Jones' don't

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Kathy Harrington

We would actually use it a lot, but of course I can make rice, pasta and steam vegetables on the stove as I do now, rather than have a fancy new appliance. The question was does anyone actually have it and do they find it that amazing that they would recommend it.

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So.... you'll use it enough to warrant it, can afford it, but want complete strangers to "convince" you to buy it ???

It works as advertised and is well made. These are not mainstream appliances so you will not find a large sample of people top weigh in, mostly because few people want one and of those that do - even fewer have the $$$ and counterspace to devote to one.

Get one, you'll love it.

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Tim Sutherland

I thought about it, but a more flexible option is to buy a combi/steam oven. The combi will do everything the steamer does and more. The oven also keeps the counter space usable.

If you do buy one, plumb it and don't put it near the sink. Real estate around the sink is premium and you don't need that space taken up by a steamer. Be aware what is above the steamer as steam and wood cabinets do not mix well long term.

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Kathy Harrington

thanks timdeb for your helpful comments. I was wondering if you ended up purchasing the steamer/oven. If so, how have you liked it and if you have used it as much as you thought you would?

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Tim Sutherland

My kitchen remodel is still 18 months away, I just like to do very long term planning.

Most of my cooking for the last 2.5 years has sous vide cooking with Polyscience Immersion Circulators (I have two). If I need to cook rice I use a rice cooker. Pasta is cooked in a big pot of boiling water. My new kitchen will have a Rational Combi Oven (used in commercial kitchens). I got a culinary degree to improve my home cooking, so I am use to using commercial style equipment. My kitchen will not grace the pages of Better Homes and Gardens, but it will be used everyday to cook.

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