70's ceramic tree needs lights

ArtsyCraftsyDecember 16, 2002

I have a beautiful ceramic tree my mother made in the early 70's. It's actually a tree-shaped pile of round ornaments about 14" high and it sits on a beautiful hexagonal base. The entire tree is creamy white and all the balls are accented in metallic gold trim. There are about 25 holes for lights.

So the original light set is long gone and the new mini-light sets out there do not fit the holes. They are too small and the lights slip back inside. Since there are no shops around anymore I would need an online source for a new light set, or ideas on how to get a generic mini-light set to stay in place. The spaces inside the hollow tree are small and awkward to fiddle around in. The light sets with slightly bigger balls are too large in proportion to the tree and look funny.

Any ideas?


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Just a thought - could you hot glue the smaller lights into position? Not so securely that they would be permanent but enough to keep them in place? And only putting the glue on the molding so that you could replace the bulbs if needed.

Not sure if it's possible without seeing it.


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Thanks Cindy- I thought of that but it is too tight of a space inside the tree to maneuver a hot glue gun, even a mini one. The holes are in the crevices between the balls. I'll see if I can take a pic tonite.


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I had another thought. What about some rubber tubbing that you could cut and insert into the hole to make the hole smaller? Pharmacies usually carry that type of stuff, and often is it clear.


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Hi -- I know exactly the lights you are talking about. But, you don't put "lights" into those trees. You put little colored plastic pieces into the holes and there's usually a star on top (optional) -- Then you add a light kit to it and the big bulb inside -- illuminates the colored plastic pieces.

Okay -- I found it -- here's the page -- they sell the plastic pieces, the star and the light kit. Go about 1/3 down the page and you'll see the components. It shouldn't cost more than $10 to have a gorgeous tree again -- and something special from MOM! -- HTH -- Michele

Here is a link that might be useful: Lights, Etc. For Ceramic tree

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Well I should have checked here first before I made the pic, lol! Here's my tree. It is so much prettier in person. The cream and gold makes me think of Lenox china. You can see tape marks on the inside where I once tried to tape lights in place but the tape does not stick.
Thanks, Michele! I used to love to turn out all the lights and just stare at this tree. All the colors would reflect off the cream and the whole tree just glowed! It brings back wonderful memories of past holidays and my mom.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I've poured and made the ceramic trees, like your Mom did back in the seventies, but never saw a mold like that Artsy. It is a beautiful tree. We used those little plastic inserts too and just one small bulb in the inside. The kind like they use in the villages.

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Hi Karen -- Your ceramic tree is gorgeous. I'd make it whole again because you've got something very special there!! -- Michele

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My grandma used to make these. We used to paint them them and put the lights in. You use the plastic light inserts and then there is a light bulb in the base. I think we used silicone glue to keep them in place. I love these trees. They remind me of my grandma.

Thanks, Ron

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Hi.......does anyone know if you can still get the mold for that x-mas tree. The tree I had was a little different but I had it for 15 yrs and then in our move from Arizona to California after loosing my son....I was so distraut I think I forgot one of my boxes in a closet because I'm missing a few x-mas ordaments and that was one of them.

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