does anyone have experience with

jrueterMarch 28, 2014

I will be having a custom vanity made to fit the space in my master. In looking through some local options I came across this site which matches clients with craftsmen (and some craftswomen!) for custom projects.

Does anyone have any experience with using the service? I imagine much will depend on the craftsman you choose, but the website does have ratings available.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Custom Made is just what it says, a site that links customers with craftsmen.

My company is a member, and we do some business through the site. The advantage to the customer is that you can link up with a trade or craft that you might not otherwise know about, and it provides some protection against shoddy or incomplete work. For this it charges a 20% commission, which you, as the customer, pay (although it may be buried in the cost of the item you hare having made).

Buy, don't you have any cabinet makers in your town? Why go to a stranger to have a cabinet built?

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OTC - thanks for the input!
I do have custom cabinet makers in town - it was in researching them that I came across this site and some local cabinet makers were listed there. There is one in particular is very close to me and I was really impressed with the quality of work from what I could see of the posted projects. The prices also seemed pretty reasonable.

As I don't personally know any cabinet makers, anyone I go to will be a stranger when I start!

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