Cost of creating a pot

clay_in_my_hairDecember 21, 2006

Hi, I'd like to start a business selling wheel-thrown ceramic pots for plants. I need to create a business plan with a projected cost of producing 6" high-fire glazed pots with drip trays. Does anyone have any information, advice etc? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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The original cost of setting up a studio, which you probably already have, to begin with. the cost of the materials: clay, glaze materials,kiln and kiln shelves and furniture and the time it takes to order and organize them. The wheel and matenance and tools. Maintaining and organizing and cleaning the studio. The time comsuming things you tend forget about like wedging,stacking the kiln, fireing and dealing with the unsucessful pieces and then promoting and selling... I guess a way to do it is to keep pretty careful track of your time for a full cycle from the the beginning of the first day until you empty the kiln and pack up the stuff and devide it over all the pieces. I don't know a potter who doesn't find the priceing the most onerous task of all. I also don't know any who gotten rich thru their work. I also don't know many who wish they were doing something else.

Is that at all helpful? Good luck. Tache

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