Stained windows with White Trim...and doors?

niteshadepromisesFebruary 24, 2014

I know there are a number of threads talking about mixing painted trim and stained windows/doors. It seems when folks do so, they do stained windows w/ stained doors and white painted window trim/baseboard.

So to my question, no where do I see mention of anyone doing just stained windows with trim/doors painted. I can see why of course it seems natural to also stain the doors if you're going to mix them, but my question is would it be a big faux pas to not do so and just stain the windows.

We have Marvin Integrity windows w/ the nice stain-able wood interiors. We were planning to go budget in the basement level though and have painted millwork. If money was no option we'd just go stained throughout but its a basement, dark to start with, and I have no problem with white trim. It seems a shame to paint white over these gorgeous stain grade window interiors however. Could I stain the exterior fiberglass door in close proximity to the one large bank of windows and go white paint on all interior doors on this level or would that look ridiculous?

Any opinions or examples of anyone doing this and how it turned out would be much appreciated. Below is our lower level floorplan so you can see the location of windows and doors on the level. Only difference to plan in actuality versus drawing is we added an additional window on the cropped corner of the bedroom in basement.

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We are doing this in our upstairs. I did a houzz search and looked at photos. Might have posted some in an earlier thread.

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Can you do a same quality but pine wood or non-stainable for the basement windows? When I talked to Marvin, anything more than pine was a hefty little jump. I don't think pine stained really nice, so would paint if it were me. Another thought would be a colored trim. I have seen some green painted trim on Houzz that would be fun for a basement (muted green, not like evergreen!)

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Windows are already ordered, paid for and in so not an option to change the windows. I probably should have thought of that earlier though Nostalgic!

We are doing stained trim, windows, doors throughout on main level. Its the look we prefer for the style of home we're doing. Since we have few windows in the daylight basement level, we ordered the same line without a second thought to be honest.

Oaktown: So you are painting your doors white, just the windows will be stained? Just wanted to verify because I've tried to find photos and havn't had a lot of luck.

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Our interior doors are white. Our exterior doors are stained. Windows are stained. Upstairs, trim is white. Downstairs, trim on exterior doors/windows is stained. Baseboard and interior door trim is white.


Craftsman Bedroom by Walnut Creek General Contractors Bali Construction


Traditional Kitchen by Seattle Architects & Designers Bosworth Hoedemaker

Unfortunately, neither of these is our actual house :-)

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Cool, you've made me feel a little better knowing at least someone out there has done (or will) do it!

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No one tried to talk us out of it -- not the architect, builder, millwork supply, nor the finish carpenter -- and none of them are shy about piping up!

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