Clay firing for stonewares

sling00December 12, 2005

I am experimenting w/ various techniques of clay firing for stonewares. I tend to not use any glazes as I am interested in the final work having a texture & feel of old clay vessels. I read somewhere that after a period of low firing, one can cover the surface of the piece w/ fire-resistant clay and then do high firing for a longer period. This method prevents any ash glaze from the direct fire. Does anyone know more about this method? Also, where would one find fire-resistant clay for such a method? Any advice is appreciated!

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I don't know about this method, but you would have to be very careful about using anything to hold food as your clay could be unsafe. That is the reason people started glazing the inside of pots a long time ago, to keep the food safe.

My local greenware store sells stoneware, why don't you drive by a few places and ask them. Or call your local college.

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