Home made polymer clay

RustyDecember 8, 2010

Hi, everyone.

I'm new to this forum,

I hang out on the cooking forum quite a lot.

And mostly lurk on the Garden Junk forum,

Also the Mosaic forum.

Doesn't seem to be much going on here,

But I'm hoping some do read here now & then,

And can answer a question I have.

I am wanting to make some Christmas ornaments with ploymer clay.

Not only is it not available within a 50 mile radius of me,

It is pretty expensive,

If one is on a limited fixed income.

So I have been looking at recipes for making my own.

My questions is simply this:

Has anyone here tried it?

Do you have a recipe you prefer over others?

Is it harder, easier, whatever, to work with than the "real" stuff?

And most of all, how fragile is it?

Thanks for responding!


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I'm sorry that no one answered your question . This forum
doesn't seem to get any traffic any more.
do a search for cold porcelain.

here is one spot.. scroll down the page and see the video
demonstration. It's a micro wave recipe

Here is a link that might be useful: cold porcelain

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I have used polymer clay to make small items. I haven,t heard about making your own, but there are many dough type recipes that might work for you. They usually contain flour. One that you might like has salt and flour and when your sculpture dries, the salt gives a sparkly effect. I have seen Christmas ornaments for sale that were made out of this. I don't know the recipe offhand, but you could easily find it on the internet or in craft books. Coating it with a couple layers of acrylic varnish should protect it. ( This is my first posting, since I just joined today.)

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