Ceramic Tile Coasters

dbarr91December 14, 2006

I was at a craft show in Tennesee back in October and saw some monogrammed coasters made from ceramic tiles. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and how to make them? They looked like kitchen/bathroom tiles (4x4) with initials painted on them and then sealant.

The lady told my sister-in-law it was more difficult than it looked and required baking the tiles a couple of times and so on.

Any help? I wanted to make some for my in-laws for Christmas!

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I would never fire those tiles in my kiln. They could explode.

Why don't you just buy some cheap kitchen tiles, spray them with matte sealer (like Krylon) then paint on the initials and cover with more sealer - but use an exterior sealer this time.

Good luck.

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They may have been ceramic tiles painted with glass paint and then requiring bakin in the oven. Some of the glass paints need that to cure.

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