Ice Cream Spoon

minnie_txDecember 19, 2002

I bought this after Christmas last year at Cracker Barrel. I thought I'd like to try and make some if I ever got serious about clay.

Everyone who sees it thinks I left a spoon of ice cream out on the table.

Maybe some of you have made some like it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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LOL! That looks incredibly real! Is is flexible like rubber?

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No. it is hard so I think it must be baked.It was made by a company so I don't really know what they've used.

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Hi -- Cute! but I'd be mad at the person who left it on my table !! LOL

If you wanted to use clay - I'd just mix any off white and brown color clay together - more white than brown. It kind of mixes like that anyway. So when you see the streaks coming up like your spoon - stop mixing. Then carefully mold it onto your spoon and bake. I'd bake at a lower temp of 250 degrees since the metal spoon will be hot in the oven and might burn the white clay. Seal it with some satin finish sealer to give it a dimentional look. Experiment!! with them. Have fun -- Michele

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I would think you could maybe do this using TLS --Translucent Liquid Sculpey. I've never worked with it, so I'm not sure, and darn it! Michaels doesn't carry it!

DS12 would love your ice cream spoon. He likes those kind of tricks.

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I have one of these sitting on my DSL modem. Also the cup of coffee that appears to be running out. Love the shock factor.
Bet you could also use the colored hot glue sticks.

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Hi Rosie - Oh yes, I think colored glue sticks would work even better. Great idea. -- Michele

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