HELP! Ceramic cooktop is scratched after 6 weeks!

angiebangieMarch 9, 2013

I bought a Frigidaire hybrid induction range 6 weeks ago. A couple of nights ago I was making Mac and cheese on the front radiant hob with a nonstick saucepan. I didn't move the pan while cooking expect picking it up to stop a boil over (no moving it across the surface). When I was cleaning up the cooktop a couple of hours later I noticed a 3 inch scratch in the hob. I'm so disappointed, and I have no idea how it happened. I even wiped water off of the bottom of the pan before cooking, so I'm not clear how anything would have been on the bottom of the pan to scratch the surface.

Is there any way to buff it out? Does the warranty cover scratches? I'm too far out to buy a fair trade warranty. :(

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No, unfortunately you can't buff out a scratch on glass tops.

No, not a warranty issue.

Doubt the fair trade warranty would have covered this either.

Only option is to replace the glass which will cost Several hundred dollars plus about two hours labor. $500 job at minimum.


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Are you sure it's a scratch? I thought I had a scratch at one point, but it disappeared with some Cooktop Magic and a little elbow grease. OTOH a crack that appeared in a brand new cooktop would be a manufacturing flaw. Give the manufacturer a call, if you can't clean it off.

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You expected it NOT to scratch?

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They say to clean burned on residue with a razor blade, so yeah, I expected it not to scratch. Thanks for the snark though.

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