Ceramic Nativity Piece

peter4November 21, 2005

I purchased a beautiful already glazed and painted white, one piece ceramic round Nativity,(it has six (Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men and a cradle) placed around a circle and I would like to paint a different color. Now it is all white, and I was not thinking of painting each individual figure, but rather having it an opalesque color with or without glitter. The problem I'm running into is that everyone is telling me that the paint will not hold unless I have it baked on. Is there any kind of paint out there that will stick on this piece without having to heat it again?

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I know the craft stores sell ceramic pieces (all white) and the paint to use on them with no additional firing. I'd check it out if one is near you or bring up a web page (via google) and see if they have itin their catalogs so you can get an idea of what it is like.

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Minnie - Thanks a lot for your answer. I think I'll try that. I've been getting different answers all over the place. Use this kind of paint or that kind of paint, etc.

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