Planning a 30-year kitchen with 8-year appliances?

sarahstewMarch 13, 2014

Hello! I am planning a kitchen remodel that I hope will last decades to come (and preparing to spend accordingly! Egad.) But, these days it seems appliances have a much shorter lifespan. How do you plan so your cabinets can stay as your appliances come and go?

Here is my particular conundrum: I'd like to install a smaller wall oven or ovens, but I worry I'll box myself out (ha ha) of replacing those appliances if'nn they stop working.

I'm mulling two scenarios:
1) a 30" range plus a 24" wall oven or
2) a 30" rangetop plus a 27" double oven.

I feel pretty confident the 30" range isn't going away, and the rangetop option still avoids any specific cutout. The ovens are another story, built in as they will be. I really don't need or want 30" wall ovens--not willing to give up the space or the energy given how I cook. Are 27" ovens a dying breed? Are full-height 24" ovens a dying breed? Are the shorter 24" speed-oven, steam-oven types coming from Wolf, Meile and the like taking over that size? Can the problem be solved with clever cabinet design? Can anyone see the future?? :)

I'd be happy to see the discussion open up to broader thoughts about appliance choices that don't guarantee cabinet problems down the road. Perhaps this will be a useful topic for many in the planning stages.


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Sophie Wheeler

Get the 30'' ovens. That's become the standard in the last 30 years and will remain so in the future. Or, get the 27'', but put them in at least a 33'' oven cabinet and buy extra fillers to keep on hand just in case.

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The 27" oven is a dying breed.

The 30" oven is standard in North America.

The 60 cm ( ~24") oven is standard in Europe and that will not change.

Too many buildings built with small kitchens.

There will always be at least a few of those available here.

I was in a similar situation.

I purchased a 36" Capital Culinarian All Gas range and a 24" Gaggenau electric wall oven.

If getting a free standing fridge you definitely want a 36.5" cutout to fit a 36" fridge with room for ventilation.

Even if you want a 60cm European dishwasher get a 24" cutout.

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I also went with a 36" range and a 24" speed oven. The little oven fits a lot. Would not get a 27".

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I don't feel this is possible based on my experience only 10 years ago. At that time very few of the choices existing now were available. All of us face this. The only way around it is to do an unfitted kitchen with a freestanding range and refrigerator. IOW build in very little.

This is not usually done here though it is common in Europe.

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Thank you all so much for your advice! So, hollysprings, 30" is the safe bet--thanks for that. I'm still resistant as a non-baker to give up that much real estate and use that much energy when for so many of my tasks 24" will do. But, as I agonize over the final layout decisions I will keep in mind the idea of building a bigger cabinet to house a smaller oven. (Fair warning: you may see me crop up in the kitchens forum on layout--I have learned SO much from advice you've given to other folks.)

Deeageaux, your idea to peg to the European standard seems like a great one--thanks! The range plus 24" thus gives me a better shot at longevity--like you did, NYCbluedevil. I have a double 24" oven in the current kitchen and it *almost* works for everything. The only downside: another hit to my budget for the European ovens. (mantra: long term investment, long term investment, breath, breath).

But, rococogurl, I WANT the unicorn! ;) Your comment also supports the decision to install a range. At least then I'll always have one oven that's freestanding and easily replaceable. I'm skipping any sort of microwave drawer or built in micro for just the reason you suggest--the less I build in, the better able I will be in the future to keep my lovely cabinets and counters.

I suppose the only long-term negative with the range is the possibility of getting too creaky to reach down into the oven. I'll stick with yoga and hope for the best!

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