Hello, new here.

cwnevNovember 18, 2005


I used to post on these forums when they were free... now that it is open again I am so glad to be back.

I am a potter. I love to do wheel work and am trying to make enough stock to sell at craft fairs. I am still a new potter, only been throwing for 5 years and just on and off. I have to go to a studio as I don't have my own stuff yet, but someday I will. I do have a web site where I have some of my stuff, but it is about a year old. I need to update it soon. I have some new things to try out.

I look forward to talking to more potters. There aren't many of us here is there?

I am in Nevada. My web page, if they let me post it, is cwclayworks.com

I would love to see some of your work also.

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I've only poured into premade forms a long time ago. I'm glad you are back and can maybe generate some interest here. Be sure to look at the miniature babies a few posts down.

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I will, Thanks!

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