christmas character ornaments

ArtsyCraftsyNovember 17, 2002

I bought these adorable polymer clay ornaments at our company's annual book & gift fair, which raises money for our childcare center.

They all came in a cute paper-covered hinged box with collaged snowmen on the top. I am going to give each of the ornies as gifts and use the box to hold a gift of some kind of holiday treat...mixes or candy?

The sad thing is the whole set including box cost only $12. Could you imaging the time it takes to create each one of these poly clay characters? They are 3" high & extremely well done, even to the caning that creates the clothing patterns and the braided spaghettis of clay that create the textured sweater on mr. snowman.

No way a crafter could sell these for $2 each. I feel like a traitor, but it was for the tots, lol!! Some little kid in China probably got paid $1 a day to make these....*sigh*


Here is a link that might be useful: ornaments

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Hi, Karen: I felt guilty about buying stuff from China for a long time. BUT, I came to the conclusion that who ever made the article might be starving if it wasn't for the home industry.

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Meant to tell you I love the beard and moustache on the Santa. My pasta machine has a spaghetti maker part; we should try that. The little "knitted" sweater is unbelievable! Lots of detail on all of them. We can really appreciate the work that went into them, eh?

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I just took a look at them and loved them .I feel the same way about buying "foreign" stuff but when you think about it there isn't that much made in the states anymore. I have to hand it to those who can sell their crafts now.
BTW We used the old garlic press for our beards and hair.

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