Calling Jfgrcar (or other Bosch d/w experts)

illinigirlMarch 12, 2014

I posted this in the the other d/w thread but maybe you didn't see it. If you are around I have a question for you on this d/w (SHX7PT55UC)

Can you explain more about what you mean with the button sequences and settings? I am getting this exact model and I'd like to know what I'll need to do to program it correctly? What thermador unit manual did you reference?

What kinds of controls/settings are you talking about?


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What exactly are you trying to program the dishwasher to do?
Have you gone to the Bosch website to look at the operation instructions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Boasch Manual site

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well I'm not sure. According to jfgrcar, the manual describes incorrect inputs to achieve specific settings (see the other post about "new vs older model Bosch d/w's". He said that between him and a contractor (plumber?) they only figured it out by refering to a Thermador d/w manual. I wanted to know what these settings are and what manual I could refer to to figure them out, since apparently the Bosch manual is incorrect.

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bumping in hopes of an answer :)

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