Made A Couple Santa Ornaments

roanimareNovember 12, 2002

Hi -- I am in a Santa making mode. I posted my two newest Santas in Gallery. The first one is made from a seashell and I came up with the idea after seeing a plastic one. I thought why not use a real seashell. The second Santa is my version of the Lightbulb Santa. --Michele :0)

Here is a link that might be useful: A Couple Santas

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Michele! They're terrific! I had never seen a seashell santa before; the shell is just so perfect for the beard! You do a great job with the clay --his features are wonderful!
You make me want to try making an edible version. Have you ever made cookie dough in different colors and put them together that way? It's been a long time since I did, but they're great fun and turn out too pretty to eat. The little components in your Santa would be so easy to copy. :-)

Oh, I couldn't see your pics, for some reason. I went to the source and copy/pasted the url. Hope you don't mind if I post the links here? They're definitely worth a look!

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They look beautiful! I admire your talent!!! You can be proud of these for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi -- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. I'm trying to think up another idea - maybe a Santa stuck in a chimney made from a film canister. I'm going to test and see if the canister melts at 275 degrees. I'm so enjoying myself. LOL :0) -- Michele

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Michelle, They are so cool! Never saw a seashell santa but it is so clever! Let us know about the canister. I know PVC pipe can get baked with the could cut some pieces of that for chimneys.


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Hi Karen -- Thanks. I'm trying to think of an idea where I use the canister or pvc pipe as the chimney -- and Santa's legs are sticking out the top like he's stuck -- or maybe his head is sticking out the top. Any ideas?? :0) -- Michele

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Michele I just saw your Santas. What a great job you did. Show us more!!

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Hi Minnie -- Thanks! I just finished a little lamb that turned out so cute. It's amazing how simple these little ornaments are to do. Nice for a change. I'll post it when I get a pic. -- Michele

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Late but I wanted to add my compliments. These are really nice.

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Thanks Rosie!

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