Front door?

party_music50February 28, 2011

I've noticed that there aren't many posts about front door decorations. Do you all decorate your doors? in and out?

I'm also curious what color everyone's front door is. Mine is currently a colonial blue out and off-white in and I'm thinking about changing both. I just don't know what colors to use.

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I did have a colonial blue front and side door. We replaced both doors, and I painted the side door red to see if I liked it. I do, so as soon as the weather warms up the front will be red too. The house is pale gray.
I do deco both doors, in and out. The insides are painted to match the surrounding walls so they blend in .

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Thanks for answering Kathleen -- and for mentioning that you paint the inside to match the walls! My inside also matches my walls and I was wondering if it should be different. :)

My front porch is being re-done and the new decking changes the appearance so much that I *need* to change the outside color. The decking gives a rosey cast, so I was thinking of going cranberry red on the outside, but my house is a light beige w/ white trim and I fear it will clash. Maybe I should consider white or even light grey.

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I don't know about door colors either...mine need something...but may be getting "siding" this shall see...but for door decor, I always have lots of potted flowers and/or perennials nearby. This bakers'rack is by my porch sliding glass doors (cause of cement patio there, too):

And I like those grapevine wreaths or some sort nearby. Good luck, party! Jeanne S.

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My front door isn't on the front of my house (which I hate). You have to walk up the side a ways to get to it. I have a few seasonal wreaths I put on, but mostly, like Jeanne, I have things sitting in pots around it.

If you could see my door from the street, I'd have it painted red. I just love a red door. It says, "Here I am - ready to let you inside."

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I have a Red Front door and decorate it according to the Season/Holiday. From Wreaths to Large Straw Hats, etc. (also on the inside). I decorate the surrounding area outside the door mostly using my antique wagon, and decorate it accordingly. The side doors, are on the side of my Wrap Around Porch...They're two French Doors. I decorate the inside transom windows above the doors..using Fruit or some Seasonal Decoration.. On the outside of the doors, I decorate to the side of them..Sometimes a shelf unit over an antique metal kitchen table or a Country Sign and Wreath..again according to the Season. I love change (according to my mood) ..and am always looking for something interesting to add.
Right now I'm looking forward to Spring and just getting outdoors again!

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Yes I do - front of my house right now - violas in planters and forsythia wreath on the door. I change the wreath out about once a month depending on prominent flowers in bloom - lots of planters and American stuff in the summer, fall/harvest decor in the fall, Christmas in the winter. I do want to paint the front door black or deep forest green this year. I think the wreaths will show up more .....


This is what it looks today .....

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Marlene Kindred

Well, my front door is stained and has a stained glass window in the center, so I can't decorate the door, but I make up for on the porch as you can see....

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Lynne what lovely flowers to greet everyone on your porch.
I envy you getting to enjoy all of them now!!

Marlene...I can see why you don't decorate your door ..
it's Beautiful all by itself!
Your porch decorations are also a nice welcoming like your pretty signs.


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OMG, yes, everyone's entry-ways are beautiful!

Marlene, your door is GORGEOUS.

Lynn, it's so nice to see your beautiful blooming flowers!

Jeanne, I love your baker's rack -- something like that would work great the way my porch is set up.

Jane, I am drooling over your wrap-around porch and french doors ... they are elements of my dream house. sigh.

OA, it's funny but people who know me always come in through my side door. Only strangers see and use the front.

I definitely need to decorate more around my entry-ways!

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