Firing problem

Jesse_GNovember 27, 2005

I'm having trouble with the outcome of my glaze firings. None of the pieces that I fire turn out to be the color they are supposed to be, they have pinholes and there are bubbles/blisters in the clay. I'm using Dick Blick Stoneware Clay cone 5-10 and Dick Blick Stoneware Glaze cone 4-7. I'm bisquing at 1940 degrees and glaze firing 2232 degrees. I'm ramping the glaze firing 180 degrees per hour for the first five hours, then 270 degrees per hour for the rest of the firing. If any more information is needed, let me know. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks! Jesse

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Hi, seems to me you appear to be firing backwards.Your bisque firing should be hotter than the glaze firing.
Gasses escape in the bisque firing,which is why you are getting blisters in the glaze.Stay 1-2 cones cooler than you did for the bisque.

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The original clay fire should be the hottest and the longest. The glaze needs to be fired much cooler. Check with whoever you get your firing cones from. Also, don't open the kiln until it is cool or your glaze will craze. Hope your having fun with your kiln. I love mine.

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