Do you make your own molds?

Kathy_in_DelawareNovember 21, 2002

I just started making my own molds for my polymer clay out of rubber stamps. I made one of a santa and and then made it into a magnet.

What types of molds have you made and out of what? What did you do with the final product?

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Hi Kathy -- I've made one mold using Super Sculpey. I needed to reproduce a horse bead. Below is the link to the directions I used. -- Michele :0)

Here is a link that might be useful: Double Sided Mold

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Hi Kathy!
I use Sculpey push molds- the head, hands & feet ones. I also use plastic candy molds for paper clay & tiolet paper casting. I have never created a mold from a rubber stamp but I do like to stamp into the raw clay.
Lots of people use buttons & jewelry pieces to make molds. Even statues and doll faces to get the face image for their poly clay creations. Poly clay is a great material for making molds!

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I've made some molds out of polyclay. I like the results because you get the reverse effect of stamping into the clay (innies become outies and vice versa). :-D Some of my stamps just don't work stamping into the clay because the wrong area, like background e.g, will be raised or puffed out.
I came across a neat kind of tutorial the other day for using stamps with clay...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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