New to clay, need help starting out!

jbubriskiNovember 17, 2006


I'm not actually going to be the one using clay, but my girlfriend is. She originally wanted to go to art school, but her parents wouldn't let her. I want to get her a "clay setup" for christmas, but I don't know where to start!? I would like to get her some type of clay that isn't too messy, and wouldn't require a lot (or any) equipment. Something simple, but good for her to get started on. Also, what kind of tools (if any) are recommended, and if I would need a mat of some sort for her desk. Finally, where do I get this stuff! I think there is a "Michaels" nearby, so I'm guessing they would have whatever you guys suggest! Thanks in advance!

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Hi! Sorry there have been no replies to your request. I have worked with polymer clay but in no way am I an expert. I can, however, get you started.

There is polymer clay, which you need a dedicated table top oven to use, and air-dried clay which is self explanatory. The air-dried clay would be the best to start with since you need to keep costs down. DAS Pronto is a good clay to start with. It comes in terra cottta and white. I usually get the terra cotta and I dry it in my regular oven.

She would probably need a set of tools to help her sculpt with. They are inexpensive and can be bought at Michael's. Michael's has just about everything to work with clay with. If you want to go to the expense of buying a pasta maker, yep, a spaghetti machine, that would be nice, too, but absolutely not necessary to have. It depends on what kind of sculpting she wants to do. They have books, etc. Someone in that department should be able to help you with your selections. They also usually have a 40% coupon in the Sunday paper that you could use on the pasta machine if you want to buy it.

Hope this meager information helps you.

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If you are still looking for information, please let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delica Treasures

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