Kathy_in_DelawareNovember 16, 2003

Anyone doing any projects with clay? This forum has been so slow moving, Im just curious is anyone is doing anything and if theyd care to share.

Kathy...... whos not doing much with her polymer lately :(

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Has been slow....I need to get mine out and make some faces. I have some new torso molds coming in the mail so that will be a new adventure. I just got some new Hearty Clay.......have you played with that? it's air-dried and it stays flexible after drying. I have seen some rose and gardenia petals made from this clay that were astounding. So delicate and real looking.

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No I havent heard about the hearty clay. Where do you buy it? Sounds like a interesting medium.

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The walmart near me quit caring pol. clay. I have to go 40 miles to get it. I love it. I took my kitchen door handles and covered half with clay, bake and put real small flowers from wall paper on them then sealed. They are real nice. I need my clay! God Bless, Pam5

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sorry it's been a while since I've visited this site.....going to converse a bit more........the Hearty clay I got at Garden Ridge.....I think they are mainly in Texas although we have them in Georgia. It makes the most delicate flower blossoms because it can be made soooo thin.

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