Dishwasher rack longevity

puzzlefanMarch 4, 2010

Our Maytag is finally heading for the junk pile after four years of not very good use. Last year I used a product (think it was called JB Weld) to hold the racks together a little longer. This year after shorting out, I deemed it unsafe. Since it wasn't under Maytag's recall, we have to bit the cost of a new DW. It won't be a Maytag!! CR rates dishwasher for repairs but I doubt this covers the racks. If your dishwasher has racks that are prematurely rusting through, I'd like to know the brand to avoid. Any information on rack composition (good and bad) would also be appreciated.

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I have a four year old Bosch, but before that I had an old Maytag. The motor went on that one, but I never heard of the racks rusting through...

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My Maytag racks rusted (and broke) too. I don't know what the life expectancy is for dw racks but I had my dw for almost 10 years. I guess I had rust problems as early as 5 years. The rusted and broke tines were the reason for buying our new dw. It cleaned good for a 10 yr old dw but I couldn't get as much in it because of the broken tines.

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Racks are either covered in vinyl (cheaper, not as durable) or nylon (more expensive, much more durable). Look in the specifications for which material is used, or, if it is not listed, try to dig a thumbnail into a rack. Your nail will dig into a nylon rack deep enough to stop your thumb, but a nylon rack will be much harder -- your nail will slip right along.
KitchenAid is known for having particularly heavy wire in its racks, plus a double-helping of nylon at the tips that makes little balls there. I have a Bosch, where the wire is not as heavy, but the nylon coating has been very durable over the years.
One last thing -- try not to use too much detergent. It can be hard on the rack coating, and on dishes.

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I've never experienced a problem with racks deteriorating in a dishwasher, regardless of brand. What are you washing and how do you load it? Are you somehow gouging or tearing the plastic (or vinyl, or nylon) coating on the racks?

I wash what I consider normal wash loads on a daily basis. While I don't think I'm particularly careful on how I load or unload -- I'm not aware that I've ever damaged the coating on the racks. When I last moved, the racks in my 8 year-old dishwasher there were in basically pristine condition. I've been in my current house for nearly 5 years, and the situation is the same. Both were Miele dishwashers....but I don't recall any problems with earlier KitchenAid dishwashers, which served even longer.

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as I had such problem only in those machines with non-foldable non-removable tines,I guess rust problems are mostly where tines are broken/worn (one also has to wash pots and pans, manufacturers took a bit to make it up...)

So choose models with foldable and/or removable tines. Todays almost every brand offer them

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Part of the great consiracy in pursuit of a disposable society by manufacturers. In the last 2 DWs in my home, the racks deteriorated. The cost to replace the racks was well over $200, if my memory serves me correctly, which was cost prohibitive. Just like my microwaves which seem to only work for several years.

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$200 is correct! That was the cost of replacing both upper and lower racks in my nearly 10 year old Maytag. It wasn't worth it. $100 per rack. That's just crazy!

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Whoops. In post above, I meant, "your nail will dig into a VINYL rack..." I hope no one was confused.

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I just called Sears for replacement racks for a Kenmore Brand dishwasher, Model:15795793, and was quoted $149 for the top and similarly for the bottom rack. Is Sears crazy out of their mind to charge $300 for replacement wonder we are being priced out by European, Japanese and Korean Brands! They just seem to have the performance, quality and price that everyone can appreciate!

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I have a Maytag Dishwasher and every plastic piece has broken in it that holds the glasses or dishes. The top rack can't hold the weight of glasses and kept breaking at the little wheel it rides on. I finally drilled a hole and put a stainless steel pin in, to replace the plastic, that the little wheel fit on. I am ready for a new dishwasher but I don't want any plastic, they all seem to have plastic!

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We've owned Kenmore (Whirlpool), GE 2X, Maytag, Kitchenaid, and now Bosch dishwashers. The Kenmore went away when we sold the house. The first GE the same thing. Second GE died a slow death, and was terrible at washing. Tub rusted out as the final straw. The Maytag self destructed one motor under warranty due to a pump seal leak. Final straw was it soaked and fried the circuit board, and was not economic to fix.

The KA washed reasonably well, but internal rack stuff was always breaking. I don't recall that the racks themselves broke or rusted. However it seemed to be put together with a whole bunch of flimsy plastic clips which broke. Replaced them a few times. There was also a plastic hanger which suspended the top wash arm. It kept breaking and when it wasn't broke, it kept coming off (unclipped). The lower arm seal (plastic) kept wearing out. Lost count of how many times I replaced it. I would not buy another KA.

Current Bosch is working well. Time will tell if it stands up, but there are no obvious weak points. It is amazingly quiet compared to all the rest. The KA was probably the noisiest of them all. No regrets buying the Bosch.

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My 1956 GE has been washing dishes for over 56 years and the racks are still perfect, I believe they are coated with nylon.

I have many friends with various brands of dishwashers under
five years old and they all exhibit rust to some degree, and they wonder why I "keep that old thing".

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I used some of that rubber roofing compound on dishwasher racks that were rusting. Held up for a good least a year and it's easy to reapply. Get the kind that brushes on. Or maybe try some Plasti-Dip.

Of course, it's best to apply at the first signs of rust, long before they rust thru.

I have a Maytag that somewhere between 7 and ten years old and I've noticed that the plastic has worn off in a couple of places on the bottom rack so I need to coat mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plasti-Dip

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Hmm.. my Maytag's racks are rusted through in several places. It was already like that when we bought the house a little over a year ago. House is 13 years old & I assume it's the original dishwasher.

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beachlily z9a

I've had my F&P dishdrawers for 5.5 years and they are pristine. Nothing has broken, rusted, or whatever. They are used daily, of course.

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I have a Maytag and it wasn't new when we bought this house 10 years ago. Some of the pins and their tips started showing broken vinyl (cracks and tips gone). Somewhere I found a kit with many slip on tips and a coating compound. Repaired every one of them and no problems since (about 5 years).

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