Emi on Carol's show

rosie_gaOctober 25, 2002

Did ya'll (GA talk) see Emi on Carol's show today? She made the neatest boxes. Started with wooden boxes,then added kozo paper, stamped polymer clay, and other embellishments. Nice.....

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Waaah!! I missed it. I love Emi and her projects.
I was ticked because the few times I caught Carol this week it was old, old reruns about Halloween that I'd seen at least twice before. :-(

Was this the one? Asian-style Kozo-paper Box The little teapot is too cute! But I couldn't get the thumbnail pics to open large. Maybe they show a repeat of it today... :-)

By the way, did you see the special Crafter's Country: Up North with Carol Duvall show that was on a week or so ago? The ceramics work of her son and DIL?

Here is a link that might be useful: Michael & Rita Duvall's art

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Wonder if that "up north" show was the same one as last year.......Her son and DIL make a collector's line of ceramic ornaments. Pretty cool....
The teapot was so cute and was really simple...plan on trying that.
Maybe it will be on today........

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Maybe the Up North show was a repeat....

The Emi segment wasn't on yesterday. :-( But I'm sure it'll be repeated some time. Hopefully on a day when I'm home. I'm like Karen, I don't have the vcr hooked up to record.

BTW, have you ever seen any triangle boxes like the one they show for that project?

Please do the teapot and tell about it. I've tried teapots before and had the worst results. Maybe Emi said something that made it easier?

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