Clay/Cane Cutter

rosie_gaOctober 22, 2002

Nessity is the mother of invention.......check this out. Pretty smart lady to have developed it....

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Hi Rosie -- Cool idea! The tool looks like a cheese cutter without the wire band. I have a broken one in my kitchen drawer. I think I might take a look at it and see if I can make one of these tools from it. Thanks for sharing the link! -- :0)

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See, all I need to do is invent one cool tool like that & I could retire, lol!

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:-( For me, necessity is just that, necessity. :-( LOL! I tried for so long to think up a home-made version of the JASI slicer...
This is a good idea. I baked clay along the edge of my tissue blade but it came loose. Guess I needed glue, huh? The thing is, I've never ever got cut using the thing, even when I held it upside down! Nor have my kids. I painted the dull edge w/ red nail polish to make it more obvious which way is up. At least this invention would prevent those mixups! I wonder if there is some way to mount the blade so it would stay in a curve?

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Hi Lia -- I did the same thing you did with my clay blade - baked clay on each end so I knew which end was up. And I've never cut myself either before the clay additions - blade up or down. LOL isn't that funny? Necessity certainly is the mother of invention!

A friend of mine does quilling and used clay to make a handle for her quilling needle - now no more cramped fingers. :0)

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