Looking for Pottery enthusiasts

ceotammyjoOctober 8, 2006


I am new to this forum and would like to connect with others that have the pottery bug like myself. :)

In April 2006 I started putting together my studio in our garage. I purchased a pottery wheel, kiln and do the "ebay" thing for my glazes. Since I don't have classes available where I live, I purchased the Robin Hopper wheel throw pottery series and checked out pottery videos on the technical video rental website.

Are there any other enthusiasts out there?( I can't seem to locate active forums on this subject)Does anyone know of an active board?

Thanks so much :)

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hello, all here. I am new here. It is my arts gallery below. Welcome to have visit.
my msn is: kenny4631@hotmail.com

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Hi there!
I'm so glad to see another ceramist aorund here..I helped my mother run a ceramics production for nearly a decade and pretty soon,we might get to putter in it again..lol putter(maybe this time it won't turn into 'work') lol
There is a pretty new site full of info/articles on lots of crafts(especially ceramics). I discovered educational goodies on ceramic pouring,ceramic moldmaking,and masterblocking for smaller outfits(like me). It's really nice,and I just wanted to share.
Happy New Year,

Here is a link that might be useful: judysbookhsop

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An update on that previous link

Here is a link that might be useful: Judy's Bookshop

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This is such an old posting that the original poster no doubt has found her answer elsewhere, but, in case any current readers are looking for the same thing, try Clayart.

The Clayart list is very active with lots of experienced potters and good info.

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There are alot of great videos on You tube. I have learned alot of methods to throwing clay onthere. Check out Simon Leach's videos. he has over 300 on there.

I have been a potter for 9 years now and have been selling my stuff for a few years now too. I am still learning.....

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I am and Australian living in a pottery craft village in India and have many pots made by them for my guesthouse in the village including roof and floor tiles. At one stage there were 20 wheels and potters with a support team of about 30 village men and women collecting, blending and cleaning the clays when making the roof tiles. Facinating to watch when making the big pots and decorative urns. Email me at info@goingtribal.com or through my website for photos of some of these works. Also heartbreaking when losing some of them in the firing process.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chandoori Sai

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