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chery2October 23, 2006

I found a package of several pieces of different-colored modeling clay at the $ store and thought it might be a good alternative to salt dough. The only warning on the package was related to choking. It said it did not need baking, would not dry out.

QUESTIONS: If I WANTED to bake a sculpture, could I?

What kind of glue do you use to adhere one piece to another?

Can it be painted?

Thanks for your patience.


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Chery2: I have not used modeling clay and can only speak from my experience with polymer clay. IT can be painted and baked. I use Weldbond adhesive when adhering polymer clay. Could you e-mail the manufacturer with your question? If you decide to experiment, be careful of possible fumes when baking. I use a dedicated toaster oven. If you want to try baking the modeling clay I would suggest clipping two pans together so the fumes are contained and bake them at a low temp. Open the pans outside to disperse any fumes. Good luck. Hope someone more knowledgeable comes to your rescue.

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The modeling clay I have doesn't get hard in the oven or by air. It's meant to be played with over and over... nothing permanent. I bought it for my grand kids. It's better than play doh because it doesn't crumble or dry out. I've had this stuff for several years and it's still pliable.

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I would definitely contact the manufacturer to see if there are any chemical/toxic concerns with baking the clay. Its probably very safe if used as instructed, but when you start altering what you do with it, I'm concerned for your safety. Check to be sure. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck!

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BTW, EVERYONE was a "newbie" at one time or another. Its only when we help each other graciously and greatly, that we all win. Thanks for posting! (I've been at GW since 1996, but this is the first time I'VE posted a this forum, too! Smiles.)

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