What medicine cabinet(s) for wide single vanity?

kmcgMarch 24, 2012

I'm stumped by this question, and would appreciate input. We're re-doing our main bath and will have a 54" wide vanity with walls on either end, so it's in kind of an alcove. I think 2 sinks would be nice, and might be able to squeeze them in, but then there would be no counter space. So I've come to terms with the idea of a single sink. I'd really like a recessed medicine cabinet, and since we're building new walls, that's not a problem. But in a space this wide, a single medicine cabinet seems like it would be inadquate, both visually and functionally.

Just brainstorming, here are my options:

1 - a triple door medicine cabinet (can get up to 48"; the better looking ones are frameless with beveled edges on the mirrors)

2 - a single mirrored cabinet with a substantial frame (the basic Restoration Hardware type of craftsman look)(sounds skimpy)

3 - two of the cabinets from #2 above, which means neither would be centered over the sink (or I could do the sink off-center, and have one above sink, one above counter - either way sounds awkward, visually)

4 - a large framed mirror over the sink, with skinny mirrored cabinets recessed in each end wall (overkill on the mirrors? Maybe just cabinets in the end walls?)

My look is kind of traditional but utilitarian: white subway, basketweave marble floor, probably dark wood vanity but maybe white, with marble or similar counter, chrome fixtures.

Can anyone advise me?

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We're also going to be re-doing - with a 54" vanity / 1 sink - in an alcove set-up. My sink will be rectangular 21"w - and I'm considering a 24" mirror centered with glass shelves on both sides filling the rest of the space.

On the left side wall above the vanity, I'm considering a recessed medicine cab - 20-24"w and 30"h. That's the one I'll use to do my make-up. Now just trying to figure out lighting... :-)

My look won't be traditional - Finally decided on bordeaux granite and now have to decide what tiles for floor and shower walls

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That sounds like a good plan, anajane. How many glass shelves are you thinking, and will they be recessed? Are you thinking of a mirrored medicine cabinet on the left wall?

I know I'll really miss the storage if I don't do some kind of medicine cabinet, so I'm trying to decide if the 3-door cabinet would just look too weird with the traditional style. I love those pivot mirrors, but they're not that practical for my small space. Rambling here... would enjoy hearing more from any and all!

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Re: Glass shelves - yes, planning recessed glass shelves - not sure how many yet. Possibly 3 on each side of mirror. And yes, my recessed medicine cab will be mirrored. And, if it opens left-to-right and the inside door is mirrored - that's my make-up mirror, too. Re: Your bath - I think a 3-door cabinet should look just fine with traditional style.......
Good luck ~~ !

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