Clay Sealers - Need Your Expertise On This

roanimareOctober 29, 2002

Hi -- I make a lot of clay items and seal them. I have used the Fimo sealers and they work great but are expensive. Then I tried a spray acrylic sealer and my clay got all sticky. I've heard using Future Acrylic Wax.... any suggestions. What do you like to seal your clay with to give a glossy or satin finish? TIA -- Michele :0)

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Future works for me.


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I like Future, too, except I sometimes have a problem with air bubbles, probably from the brush. I've read to DIP the object into the floor wax. I haven't really put anything to the test, but I wonder if the FFF wouldn't chip off with enough wear and tear.
I have some of the Fimo glaze too, and liked it, except that the Matte wasn't really matte enough...
Try this page which includes info about Flecto Varathane. I always heard that was the superior finish, but I've never found it locally.
Hope that helps!

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Hi -- Looks like Future wax works well for most people. I think the Flecto looks really interesting and versatile. Maybe Home Depot or another store like that carries it. Thanks for the link (very informative) and the info Lia and Elaine. -- Michele :0)

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I noticed on the stamped clay bracelets I just made that one of them is still sticky after nearly 2 weeks. But the other ones are fine. I wonder if it has to do with how long the clay is baked? I think the sticky one was underbaked clay that was removed from the oven too soon. I used the same spray sealer on all of them. Our teacher told us to use the spray sealer & I had forgotten that some had trouble with it.
Elaine- did you use Future on your KT heart-shaped pins? They have a very nice gloss to them.
Also wondering if it is only Future that works, or can you use other floor wax brands like Mop 'n Glo?


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Hi Artsy and all -- I have a couple candy canes that are still sticky after a couple months. I sprayed them with "Plaid Acrylic Sealer". For some reason Sculpey doesn't like it.

BUT -- By accident and necessity -- I found something that works really well. It's what I use to seal my Mexican tile floors. I needed to seal a pen quickly for a gift - so I tried it. It's "Aqua-Mix -- Floor Shine & Sealer". It's water soluable (sp) and acrylic. I works great! You can buy it at any Home Depot type store. It gives clay a really nice deep, shine with only 2 coats. Even one coat is shiny. Thought you'd all like to know. -- Michele :0)

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Karen, I used the Future on the pins, just one coat.


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I'd like to see Elaine's pins; where are they?

Michele, is this Aqua-Mix made just for Mexican tile? Is it something you keep on hand to apply from time to time? I have a friend with that kind of flooring; maybe she would let me "borrow" a bit if she keeps it...! My nearest Home Depot doesn't carry the Flecto Varathane, or didn't last time I checked.
Did you get a picture of your pen? Would like to see your work, too! :-)

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Hi Lia -- I was in a pinch and needed a glossy shine on a pen I was making for a demonstration. Yes! It's the same Aqua Mix for Mexican tile. We keep it here to recoat our Mexican tile floors from time to time. I just took some and put it in a little jar. You know how it is when you need something, you start scouring the house. LOL

We can't find the Flecto here either. I don't have a photo of the pen -- I gave it away. But, it was a really nice smooth clear finish. Get a bit of the Aqua-Mix from your friend and give it a try. I just brushed it on - but you could also dip and hang it too say for beads, etc. -- Michele :0)

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OK, Elaine, I have no choice...Lia wants to see your pins! Here is a picture from this summer at a gathering of Kitchen Table forum friends from the PA area. We are wearing heart shaped pins that Elaine made for all of us. The red just was perfect because she mixed in some bright red to help offset the nasty dulling that some colors like red are prone to after baking. They were hand-painted with the letters KT. (My pin is currently attached to the front of my computer monitor!)
Miss Elaine is on the right in the Kitchen Table t-shirt and I am wearing the turquoise top. The beautiful face peeking around my shoulder is our crafty friend, Kathy_in_Delaware!
ps- Elaine's DH is a real card, lol, and Kathy has the most beautiful boys you ever saw!


Here is a link that might be useful: KT friends wearing Elaine's pins

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Has anyone tried EASY SEAL POTTERY SEALER? Just wondered how it works.

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Karen, the clay wasn't mixed. I don't remember what brand I used, it might have been Sculpy, but it was a cherry red color.


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Oh, I'm sorry, it was all a bright red.
The red I have is Sculpey #082 Red. It is a pretty cranberry red to look at but it gets so dull when I bake it! I will have to check Michaels tomorrow for a brighter shade.
Did you see the red with the gold sparklies in it? We used some in a stamp class the other is sooo pretty!

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The pins I did for the get together in Alabama came out a darker red, so I was really happy to see the brighter red for the PA get together pins.

I did see the red with the gold sparkles but I haven't tried it yet.


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Remember I'm just catching up on posts........First of all Artsy Craftsy.....was glad to see your pic. Beautiful red hair. Pretty sharp. Now for the Flecto, I bought mine at an Ace Hardware store. If they don't have it in the quart size, they can order it for you. I also use FolkArt waterbased varnish, satin finish. Puts a slight shine on the clay.

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