2 ft clay water foutain

rabbit8October 12, 2004

I have a 2 ft clay water fountan. I want to place in somewhere in the house. Any ideas?

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we've got one in the bedroom (currently on a cheap iron stand, want to get a rig so I can hang it from the ceiling in the corner of the room, instead, since it's one of the 'fog' styles

got another one in the dining room, on a demilune table under the window, over the baseboards.

would have one in every room if I could :)

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Can you post photo of your fountain ?

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kpipgi I can't post a picture now because I don't have a degital camera. I can take a picture with a regular camera and scan it and send it in an email later sometimes if you want.

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Thanks. If you could send me mail I will send you my email-id.

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