Valentine table

dreamgoddessFebruary 4, 2011

The weather was so nasty yesterday, so I stayed inside and played around with a pre-Valentine table. I've got more photos and some closeups on my blog. I added the link if anyone wants to take a look.

I also finally finished all my Valentine decorating, but I haven't taken photos of them yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Lace and a Cherub

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This table is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything, the china, the stemware, the linens, the CP, the colors, the candleholders, everything!!
It is beautuifully put together.


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So softly beautiful! The china is my favorite, it's soooo pretty. The stemware is just the perfect pink. You really captured the mood with this table.


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I left a message on your blog, Dream. Love that china, it's gorgeous. The stemware goes with it perfectly too. Everything really looks soft and romantic--perfect!


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Thanks so much ladies! The table didn't turn out quite like I planned it and I really didn't like the white plates with it...but I only had the dinner and salad in the china. So, I had to make do with what I had which was white.

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Very dreamy. The yellow with gold really looks wonderful with the pinks, reminds me of a lovely tea house I used to go to with DD. Jan

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Dream what a lovely - Romantic looking setting.
Your china, stemware and chargers are just beautiful and
I love how you decorated your CP with the pearls. It's georgeous!
I must say, your tables are always so lovely and this one is no exception!


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Dream, your table is wonderful as always. You have so many beautiful dishes and chargers. Pretty centerpiece and I love your lt pink candles and candleabras.


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What can I add that hasn't been said? Just 'ditto', its another lovely Dream table!

hugs, Karen

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So beautiful and dreamily delicate.
I love it.

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Beautiful and romantic - absolutely LOVE the china - I look for any plates with pink flowers esp roses for my bedroom wall and those are quite stunning ......... so if you see a piece missing some day .........well I figures out how to snatch it from cyber-space :) ......


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That centerpiece is super duper fantastical. The whole table is. I love the pink glasses and the silver chargers. Pink and silver is one of my all-time favorites, of course pink and anything is my favorite. That room has always been my kind of room, it looks like it came right out of my former Victorian home, right down to the exact chairs and table, love it.

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It is lovely, Kim. I left a comment on your blog.

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