Duravit Open Space--anyone seen one?

mahatmacat1March 24, 2013

This concept seems like the Next Step in bath design, to me, and since we've been procrastinating finally doing the 3/4 bath (the bathroom that guests use, which also is used by overnight guests because it has a shower) because every design that has enough space for the shower doesn't have enough space for the rest of the room, even though the shower is rarely used..

This thing could be the answer. But of course, all those 1.0 kind of flooring/joisting/seal quality& durability questions come immediately to mind. We were going to do a curb shower, but if there is a way to do a lowered shower floor if these Duravit seals work, I'd be completely into it.

Anyone have any experience with this? TIA.

Here is a link that might be useful: makes complete sense as long as it works...

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That is really COOL. The way it would work at our house would be like how we use the dinning room and kitchen tables. Got to clear it off to use it. They never stay free from clutter! But in a guest room that I wouldn't be using, it would work.

Things I don't like about it are that the shower works are not useable unless the unit is open. I could see wanting to access the shower handheld to spray something off. I see that nice open area and think "just a little spray would fix this dirty trash basket". So I think I'd do better having a shower room or wet room instead.

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I've seen similar showers in Europe for quite a few years. I'll see if I can find a photo.

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Here you go. Not quite the same, but a similar idea. Don't remember where I got this image, but I think the original is in Norway.

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writersblock, that's excellent--thank you! I love g'web : ) I told my DH that folks here would know about it, one way or another.

Did you use that shower, or one like it? How much spillage was there out the corner between the doors?

I'm trying to remain calm and collected...kind of hoping it doesn't work so well because then I don't have to think about how we'll ever afford it...(slightly more than the basic curb shower, frameless enclosure we were thinking of, but the gained room is really amazing. Talk about a surprise factor...the room is *so* small.)

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That is an interesting and beautiful shower! I have to wonder about soap scum and products being on the floor when it's open. It would have to be cleaned after each use. I don't think that would happen at my house! All that glass is hard to keep sparkling clean too.

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I used one similar (not as attractive as that bath). There was a bit of spillout, but not much. But then they only had a rainshower, so the water mostly went straight down. Not so sure how completely it would contain water using a hand shower or angled head.

They were totally thrilled with it since it was a basement shower and in the past the whole room was open, so it was a huge improvement over no walls at all.

I really don't know exactly where I found that photo, but it must be at least 5 years old, since it's from when I had a 60" square powder room and was trying to figure out a legal way to get a shower into it. (I moved, which solved that problem, so I don't have any specifics about manufacturers and all, sorry.)

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One advantage the European shower had was that they don't require doors to swing out for safety reasons like they do here now, so the doors had a stop at the point where they closed completely. Here it would be harder, given that you'd have to a full 180 degree swing angle.

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Yes, I thought of that too, writersblock...wondered whether the doors on the Duravit swing out. They *must*, though, because it's sold in the US, mustn't they?

I think I'll contact them tomorrow and find out...we really hardly ever use that shower, but I'd like to keep it available for guests and resale.

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And interesting point about the rainshower too, meant to say that. We aren't set up that way now but there's nothing saying we couldn't do it. Might be better...

At any rate, a whole new set of possibilities are opening to this project...

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UPDATE: Duravit got right back to me, *with* a schematic, even, and YES, the doors swing a full 180 degrees, so they can open out as well as fold in! I figured since I saw the Open Space in a US publication, it had to be up to US code.

My husband had been concerned that we wouldn't have room to open the doors, but I just measured it out and it would fit, so now I'm thinking the next step would be to try to see one IRL or at least hear from people who have them installed or who have installed them. It's such a new technology I'd really need to hear of dependable, non-leaking (guess there's a big gasket?) installations before I'd feel safe. And *if* it can work, it would be so wonderful to have the extra open space so we don't have to feel crowded in in that tiny space!

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Can it only be installed in a wet room?

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That's one of my next questions, deke (do you play oboe? Or am I splitting the name wrong--I have done that in the past : )). Just as an outsider looking at pictures on the net, I don't see why it couldn't be installed on a curb installation, as long as the whole thing was raised...but I want to find out the official story.

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I think you need to decide why and how often you would close it up.

I think it needs to be installed in a full wetroom. If you have curbs, being able to flatten it against the wall becomes a moot point because the curbs are still eating up the floorspace.

Plus, they become a tripping hazard because there is nothing there to indicate that there is a curb below, especially at the outside corner.

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Ach, that's right, pal -- I remembered that usually but I forgot it when deke wrote the question. Brain skip. Of course it all has to be flush floor.

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