Polymer clay enthusiasts

rosemarythymeOctober 14, 2006

I'm new to the clay forum. Is anyone working in polymer these days? Would love to share ideas and photos.

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Hey, rosemarythyme! Fancy seeing ya here!! Just dropped in while looking around at the various forums...not much going on (compared to GJ at least).

I do some things in pc, but am not real good at it yet. Got all the supplies, but got fascinated (AGAIN!!) with mosaics and there I went off on that tangent!


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Curbdriver: Been out of the country and am now playing catch-up. Yes, I know. Some of the forums are pretty dead. I like working with the clay because there is no mortar or grout involved, therefore, less mess! And I'm almost to the point in mosaics that I only like using glass because you have an even surface and it's easier to clean up the grout. So many projects, so little time, eh? And too many diversions...

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Fancy finding both of you here! I came here to see if anyone was making soome things I could use in my mosaics. I was looking for some unusual 'bits & pieces'! Maybe you could figure that out for me? I have a few molds for PC and was going to try to use my real clay and push a few and glase and fire for mosaics. Any ideas?

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Well, hello gang! Just looking around. Slowmedown mentioned using clay and it sounded like fun (and looks good). Haven't tried yet. I thought thee might be some FAQ here, and then I stumbled across this post! I don't know anything, just HI!!


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I've used sculpy to do a bowling ball. It was fun to do...and really easy. I gave it to my daughter and she really loved it. It has been outside in Ohio weather for two years now, and is still perfect.

Be safe, Rach

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Just one example I posted on another message too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delica Treasures

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Well - look who's here !!!!! It's amazing who I bump into !!!!!! LOL Yep - I'm dabbling in it too ... haven't dabbled too much - been busy MOSAICING ! I'm hoping to make things out of sculpey to add into my mosaics. Another thing on my L-O-N-G list of to do's .......

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Rach, I'm just starting to get involved in PC after spending many years doing graphic arts on the computer. What did you use to stick the sculpy to the bowling ball and how long did you bake it??? Did you use a outside varnish (since it's been out there for 2 years). It's so cute, especially with the cats on it!!!

thanks for any info you may share.


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Hi, I'm new to boards, I just started working with polymer clay. Love it.Just wanted to share my first project. Not too bad after alot of trail and error and a box of mistakes. LOL. PS I love faries Sorry about the size, I also new to paint bucket

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