Nice project book from the library

akaLiaOctober 3, 2002

I wanted to tell y'all about this book I found in the library while scanning the shelves in the juvenile section. I don't know why it's considered juvenile; the projects are mostly very elegant, IMO, and although they're not difficult, they're not "kid stuff" either.

It's called Modelling Clay "Decorative Projects for the Home by Penny Boylan The clay they use is self-hardening modelling clay, but most of the projects could be adapted to other types.

Some of my favorite projects are "Rose Drawer Handles"-- shown on a small chest of drawers with crackle finish; and a curtain rod finial that is silver leaf-ed (I would never have dreamed it could be that easy! My favorite is a clock and they have the template for that in the back.

Just thought you might want to consider this title sometime for inspiration! :-]

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Thanks.....I ordered a really cute kid's book after seeing it on Carol's show. It involves different kinds of leaves made into animal pictures. Really cute. Would mention the name but it's not in my bookshelf. As soon as I run across it....I'll share.

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I think I've seen that book using leaves to make roosters, elephants, etc. Really pretty and amazing. I always say I'm going to do that with our fall leaves and never get a good collection to work with.

Speaking of leaves... I covered an egg with slices from a leaf cane and then realized I hate the color. Kind of a teal/pine green. Not a bad color, really... I just don't like it for leaves. Any idea how I could change it without covering up the "veining" in my leaves? I was thinking of Pearl Ex, but copper is the only warm color I have and it seems to need warming up...

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Lia- you could try artists chalks to alter the color a bit, then spray with fixative.

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