nana2010_gwFebruary 24, 2014

When my daughter was leaving for work this AM she discovered that all for wheels had been stolen from her car. Yep all four! . Fortunately they have another vehicle. but what a way to start the week!!!
My son in law had to miss a day of work to take care of things calling police,the insurance Co. having the car towed etc.
Apparently there has been a rash of thefts of wheels from Toyotas and Hondas throughout the city
The only bright spot is that they have good insurance.
Shaken my head

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Nana, what a terrible way to start the week off for the kids.
Hope they catch those dirty little thieves! Don't know why
people choose to steal. Oh well, judgement day will come.

Our DS had this same thing happen last fall on my dad's
truck he now owns. The tires weren't that good but it had
fancy wheels they wanted we figure. Funny thing was they
blocked it up with wood that came from their saw mill a 1/4
mile away so we knew who did it. DS couldn't prove it but
they left evidence so end of that story. They could see the
folks place every day from work so they knew no one was
living there.

I do feel as times get tougher more of this will be taking
place.sigh Hope this isn't a bad thing for our new insurance
company we've only had for a year.hmmm


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That's awful. Thank goodness for their insurance, and hopefully somehow the police will find whoever is doing this.
What a way to begin a week, but hopefully things can only improve after this start!!!

hugs, Karen

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I awful...a terrible way to start the week.
I'm glad they have good help with all the expense.
But with all the stress that goes with it...that's something else..

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Marlene Kindred

Wow, I am sorry to hear about this! What a terrible way to start your day. Hope they are able to get back on the road soon.

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That's terrible. I'm so thankful to have a locked garage at my current house after years of shared parking. I feel so much safer.

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Thank you everyone.
Their insurance is paying for a rental while the dealer is locating rims, they have to get ones that are original to their car in order for the insurance to pay.
At least they can get to work etc.

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What a bummer!!

Glad they had insurance, but speaking from experience, dealing with the insurance company and getting replacements for stolen items is a PITA!!


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When we had someone break into our house, the police told us that they probably wouldn't be able to do anything. You always see people in the movies leaving fingerprints or something and the police get them right away. But that's not as common as we'd like to think.

My children were small at the time and started to have nightmares. Luckily, that passed pretty quickly. Insurance companies can often be difficult to deal with, but at least they have coverage. I hope their lives return to normal quickly.

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Thank you Candy and OA so far they haven't had any problems with the Insurance Co.
Our house was broken into some years ago too. It was very stressful, no finger prints were taken here either.

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I can just imagine how upset she was.People there are just some people!!Heres a story.I need a kidney so I got ona local site they claimed they could help me.One guy says I want 30,000 up front 200 a day Im off work and a bonus.
Another woman we figured out in time thank the guy above.She was gonna steal our horses.we figured it out.a guy called me from Africa he says I give you kidney for free.Hewantedto come to us to live.He would have run.Becareful its too many people out there up to no good.

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Wow, What a terrible thing to happen! So Sorry for your daughter and son in law. So glad to hear they have good insurance. You just never know what you are going to hear next!

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